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Senior DevOps Engineer with over 7 years experience with strong knowledge in:

* High-traffic Web environments;
* Designing highly automated and scalable cloud infrastructure architectures;
* Capacity planning and systems monitoring;
* Excellent knowledge of systems programming, shell (bash) usage, Linux/UNIX commands;
* Performance tuning, benchmarking, troubleshooting, debugging and systems scaling skills.

Self-started, motivated, reliable, great work ethic, great communication skills, problem-solving abilities.


● OS Administration
  ○ Linux (Debian, RedHat, Suse e CentOS);
  ○ Unix (Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX);
  ○ Windows Server (2003 e 2008).

● Data Bases
  ○ MySql, Postgres;
  ○ NoSql DBs (MongoDB e Memcached);

● Programming
  ○ Shell Script, Perl, Python, C Ruby, PHP.

● Applications
  ○ Apache, Nginx, Varnish;
  ○ Jboss, Jetty, Java, RoR, Sinatra.
  ○ Wowza Media, WideVine, Aspera.

● Cloud/Virtualization
  ○ AWS (EC2, S3, EBS, RDS, AS);
  ○ VMWare, Xen.

● Automation
  ○ Puppet, Hudson, Chef, Capistrano.

● Security
  ○ Iptables;
  ○ ASA, PIX.
Historia laboral
* Carrefour Brasil: Responsible for entire e-commerce environment. Applying DevOps in all layers from the Company.

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