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Freelancer Jordi n.

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Hi! I'm Eduardo, a Venezuelan Mechanical Engineer & Product Designer. I am innovative and creative, with experience in CAD software, simulation, programming and manufacturing.

If you have an idea. I can make it real.

My work starts with the conceptual drawings from your original idea. In this creative stage I generate a great amount of designs that I evaluate to select the best ones and send them to you.

Then I make the 3d modeling of the concepts. For this I mainly use SolidWorks, although I often use other software. In this stage the idea goes from paper to a three-dimensional models where the dimensions of the parts, their functionality and their manufacture can be evaluated.

Another part of my work is the construction of a prototype. In this part I use rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D printing and for electronics (if necessary) arduino, raspberry pi or other platforms.

Finally, the product is improved, it is prepared for manufacturing, minimizing costs and modifying the pieces for its manufacture. In this final stage the final 3d model is generated with the necessary documentation for its manufacture.

I have knowledge of all the basic curriculum of mechanical engineering such as: machine elements, materials science, mechanical vibration, thermodynamics, quality management, etc. I have also learned programming in many languages but my favorite is Python. I use it a lot.

I am a ambitious person who takes on the challenges, there is nothing that can't be done. I like to learn things every day.

Feel free to ask me anything.

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