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Luciano R. d. A.

Software Development Manager at YDreams Global

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Programación y Tecnología

Sobre mí
Professional with extensive experience in software engineering that played many positions in small and large teams of both national and multinational companies.

Over the years developed projects such as bluetooth advertising system, embedded applications for digital-tvs and mobile management systems to control content, advertising channels and integrations with various content publishers.

Extensive hands-on experience in environments with different technologies, agnostic about technology and has a strong bias to develop projects that require the study of new technologies and contact with multidisciplinary teams, besides having a great ability to establish effective communication between technical and non-technical teams.

Strong points:
1.Strong multidisciplinary knowledge
2.Experience working in various positions: programmer, analyst, technical leader, coordinator and project manager
3.Extensive experience participating in projects of various sizes, durations and budgets
4.Extensive experience working in small and big, national and multinational companies

Resume of the technologies worked with:
1.Programming languages: C, C#, Java, VB, Lua, PHP, Cold Fusion, VBScript, JavaScript, Shell Script.
2.IDEs and editors: Visual Studio, Eclipse, vi, vim, Kate.
3.SGBD: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL.
4.OS: Linux (Red hat, Slackware, Conectiva, Ubuntu, Suse), OpenBSD 3.4, Windows.
5.Tools and services: ipchains, iptables, Nessus, Kismet, Linux Wireless Tools, tcpdump, Apache, IIS, AWS Amazon, JMeter, Workbench, SQL Server Management Studio.
6.Version control: Source Safe, CVS, Team Foundation Server, Git.

Also, experience with:
1.Network (wireless specially) and OS administration
2.Data base modeling
3.Design of systems architecture
4.Project management
5.Team coordination
6.Development of business proposals
7.Management of team conflicts
Historia laboral
@ Kaus -
Responsible for all technology resources and for the entire development chain, defining the technical aspects of the business proposals, coordinating everyday activities of the team, working in solutions design and implementations, also helping to define new products and business possibilities.
These were some of the tools i worked at that time: PHP, C#, Sehll Script, SQL, Workbench, SQL Server Management Studio, Servers maintenance, Power point, Excel, Word, ProjectLibre.

@ Kissy -
Define, implement and manage all technical aspects of this startup company. At the end of 2012, we raised seed capital to implement a mvp and on May 2013 we launched our iOS and Android versions. Since then, we promoted the app in many music and entertainment events.
Tools and technologies: objective-C, MySQL, AWS Amazon

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