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Sobre mí
Somos uma startup sendo acelerada pela FGV/ISAE em Curitiba especializada no desenvolvimento web e mobile. Temos clientes nos Estados Unidos, Australia, França e Alemanha além de startups aqui no Brasil. Também estamos desenvolvendo protótipos para grandes empresas de TI como Desbravador, Rocket Internet e Webflow.

Lançamos nossa própria startup, o Gigloop, em agosto de 2015.
Historia laboral
* Gigloop (Internet): Gigloop is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between artists, agencies and event producers.

We share the same passion for the arts and know all the difficulties that stand in the way of visibility, contacts and interactions.

Finding the right performer for your events requires dedication, research and passion.
Our goal is to make this process simpler, gathering all artists in a single platform, one click away from your events.

* Kendsign: Running in parallel with Webflow, we started developing creative web design and strategies for exclusive business in Curitiba area.

In less than a year we are managing clients from startup agencies in US to companies in Australia, Germany and France and managing groups of collaborators from all over the world, engaging in new web solutions technologies.

Delivering fast and reliable products from responsive webdesign to mobile solutions and SEO

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