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An excellent developer starting programming at the age of 14 in C with Unix. Later on at 2005 starting with Java and HTML. Finally beginning formal studies in Software Engineer at Cenfotec/ULatina with mostly .Net technologies VB, .ASPX pages, Access and C# then MS SQL, another project with JSP using MySQL and almost finalising the career with mobile tech like Flex, web services and .Net back-end. In the meanwhile working with companies from stats, using SPSS statistical software package, Quantum, MS back-end and even stored procedures. Recently in an hybrid environment from .Net, Java, Javascript and Unix. At the end working with mobile projects in Android Studio and moving toward Swift 2 also.
Now looking to an established firm to keep growing and continue studying in the field of software engineering.
Historia laboral
POSITION: Mid-Senior Hybrid Developer, 2014
    COMPANY: Intertec International - Client
    DESCRIPTION: Take responsibility of 5 main projects within the AML Department, including Data gate VB.6 implementation to the Phrase 5, Dashboard Phrase 2, successful installation of a LDAD Active Directory project that is in production actually as the 2 others, tech refresh of the servers from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 R2, migration of systems to IE11 and also implement new requirements for legacy Newton system. Also coordinate with the client and follow-up of the projects.
* Dashboard, Datagate.
* Visual Studio, VB, JS, JQuery, DB2, DB2 connector, SQL Workbench, Ticket system, Java and Unix.

POSITION: Senior .Net Software Engineer, 2013
    COMPANY: Capilleira Sportsbook
    DESCRIPTION: Migrate a customer support from VB6.0 to VB 2010, re-factoring mostly and use a more likely user centred design allowing the user to use the application in a more intuitive way.
* Customer Support.
* Visual Studio 2010, VB6.0, Windows XP, 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Ticketing system, Outlook.

POSITION: Software Developer Consultant, 2011
    COMPANY: Babel Software, Pro soft, CoopeCaja, CoopeNae
    DESCRIPTION: Analysis, design, advice and develop of stored procedures and web services (Microsoft SQL Server 2008, C Sharp and SOAP) that concern with the banking money transfer service of CoopeNae SINRE platform and so further with the SINPE inter banking money transfer with the Central Bank (BCCR). The client CoopeCaja, working like consultant for a named software company. Also the update of the headers of the web services used by BCR in SINPE transactions.
* Backend processes at SINPE-SINRE.
* Microsoft SQL 2008 R2, C#, SOAP,  web services, Visual Studio 2008, stored procedures and triggers.
    PROJECTS - The following are projects developed during my college studies to provide services to either real or non-real customers.
POSITION: Project Owner and Developer, 2017
    COMPANY: Osa Works
    DESCRIPTION: Numerology application/website/PDF online creator. Create a server LAMP (Linux,  Apache2, MySQL and PHP5) from scratch and NAT. And a Website, Application, online PDF generator for Numerology in Android Studio and Open Source technologies for a custom client with HTML5, an already create CSS3 template) that calculates key fingerprint based up on the name and date of birth.
* Frontend Android Studio app, website in HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP5 and webservices in earthly NuSOAP then changed to SOAP native from PHP because of the change of XML from 1.1 to 1.2

POSITION: Lead Developer-Designer, 2013-2016
    COMPANY: Costa Rica Surf Guide, Costa Rica National Park Guide
    DESCRIPTION: We design and develop a native Android application as a surf guide for Costa Rica from scratch, including an image gallery, custom toast component, Google Maps v2, real time weather forecast, also user responsive layout with XML and the website. Also a green market strategy was made to pursue 7000 likes of the Facebook and 2000 downloads in the first year of launch since June 2014.
We design and develop a native Android application of the 51 protective areas of Costa Rica, including an Eco-Gallery, ListViews, and Animations, Facebook connectivity, description, rating and a route creator.
* Costa Rica Surf Guide, Costa Rica National Park Guide
* Android Studio, Eclipse Android ADT, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop

POSITION: Project coordinator, 2012
    COMPANY: MeyJo Restaurant
    DESCRIPTION: We design and develop a system for a restaurant which can take orders from a tablet. Used technologies: MS SQL Server as Back-End and Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 with Flex technologies. Using SCRUM as methodology in a four member team.
* Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL, Flash Builder 4.6, Flex, web services, Adobe Air.

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