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Más de 20 años de experiencia laboral. He trabajado para las empresas más importantes del mundo como Bechtel, Chrysler, Case Corporation, entre otras.
Debido a mi inagotable y constante entusiasmo por seguir aprendiendo, siempre estoy al tanto de todas las actualizaciones en tecnología para mejorar constantemente las comunicaciones con mis clientes.
Como parte de mi trabajo actual, he desarrollado nuevos y únicos tipos de comunicación (la virtual en 2006 era única) y también desarrollé un programa basado en Access para simplificar las tareas. El programa ha sido muy exitoso, lo estoy actualizando y será registrado y puesto a la venta pronto.
Como parte de lo que puedo ofrecer son:
* Asistente personal virtual (bilingüe) incluye todas las tareas relacionadas (correo, contestación de llamadas telefónicas, organización de viajes y eventos, etc. ... (incluye acuerdo de confidencialidad)
* Sitios web HTML
* Entrada de datos
* Gerente de proyecto virtual
* Soporte técnico
* Investigación de la Web
* Transcripciones
* Escritura del artículo
* Corrección de textos
* Atención al cliente
* Gestión de marca
* Diseño gráfico
* Diseño de logo
* Traducciones generales
* Gestión de medios sociales
Historia laboral
Personal Assistant | NASA Navieras Argentinas S.A.
Recomendation letter (available at your request)
..."During her short stay with us, she showed great enthusiasm, loyalty and ability to work in team as well as on own initiative.
We can therefor nothing but recommend young Tina Hansen for any job where initiative and ability is required.
Carlos Ybarra

Assistant Manager | Chutney Mary Anglo-Indian Restaurant
Recomendation letter (original at your request)
..."she proved to be an unusually high calibre of employee. Always with a keen inquiring mind, she has grasped the concept of Chutney Mary; adapting and putting into practice her skills and knowledge. Tina has always proved herself reliable, punctual and prepared to go an extra mile to help peers and clients alike.
It is unusual to meet someone like Tina, a person who can adapt willingly to the day to day changes. She accepts new challenges with a zest, that belies her youth, and is a true pleasure to have on my team. Using her skills, Tina has improved systems within the organization itself.
It will be with personal regret that Tina leaves Chutney Mary, however I wish her well in all her future endeavours, knowing that whichever route she decides to follow in life she will be a great asset to any employer."
Christopher Gibson
General Manager

Executive Assistant | Overseas Bechtel Inc.
Unfortunately Bechtel decided to leave Argentina and go to Brazil.
Recommendation letters:
..."I have found her to be efficient, punctual and trustworthy. I therefore recommend Tina where these skills and attributes are required." Jorge Castrogiovanni
.. "I certify that Tina Hansen worked under my charge having held the position with high efficiency and professional integrity.
Tina showed a high sense of responsibility and loyalty in the tasks entrusted to her, using a lot of initiative and knowledge of her work in optimizing the tasks in her charge.
The relationship with her work companions was always cordial and companionship, always striving to achieve a pleasant work environment and teamwork.
Therefore, I highly recommend Tina for being a great contribution for any company, wishing her the best success in the future. "Ing. Gustavo Torres

Product Marketing Manager | Case Corporation Argentina S.A.
LOVED THIS JOB - BEST JOB EVER. Case was bought by the Fiat Group. Although I was highly recommende to go to Brazil, was unable to go due to family problems! :-(
Recommendation letter:
..."Through this I wish to express my special recommendation for Tina Hansen, who has excelled in the various functions assigned to her.
Due to her inexhaustible enthusiasm and dedication, she was quickly assuming tasks of greater responsibility in the area of ​​marketing and communications, where she performed an excellent task in the implementation and negotiation of advertising guidelines with the media, exhibitions, events and other activities related to the area. .
Her high level of professional training and impeccable command of the English and Portuguese language, are factors that added to the previous caulidades, give Tina an exceptional value for any organization that would like to have her as a collaborator."
Ing. Daniel Hernandez

Property Manager | lo de HANSEN
May 2006 - Present
Although this has been a nice job at the beginning, due to the enthusiasm to believe that I could make a difference, with time I understood that this is a country with a very particular idiosyncrasy. Argentina does not value qualities such as honesty, hard and responsible work, initiative, etc ... and because of this I have lost my initial enthusiasm and the joy of working. Reasons why I now seek to return to the values ​​that characterize me and make them available to those who require it as a sine qua non condition in general.

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