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I am naturally curious, I like to learn new technologies, even if they are "old": D

Began to study and enjoy programming by mid-1997 as a young and curious with your old computer.

After that I began studies in Delphi 3.0, and left for the technical studies in Brazil!

When older I started programming using PHP and MySql database, which taught myself.

Long after I got a chance to enter the career development with PHP and it remained to know Ruby on Rails Framework.

I love Ruby, Ruby on Rails! <3

Rails enabled me to work with various technologies and methodologies, which had real contact with Scrum, agile, tdd, testing, high performance development, git, services, microservies, among others.

Now I'm developing allocated to the customer in partnership with GFT Italy. Web Development using: Spring MVC, JSF, Primefaces, Hibernate, Spring Webflow, JPA, Oracle, Fast Service (web services).

I believe that out of the comfort zone brings new opportunities and unique experiences, and could become a personal and professional best.

Not afraid to fail, afraid to run away from my mistakes, so always try to face them. I believe that at the end of the main part of the system development, understand the problem, make a solution and test. Error case, study the problem and try again ....

Studies on github: https://github.com/ttiede and Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/geschopf/dijkstra-ruby
Historia laboral
System Analyst
GFT Technologies
febbraio 2015 – presente (1 anno 8 mesi)Sorocaba Area, Brasile
* Current development allocated to the customer in partnership with GFT Italy. Web Development using: Spring MVC, JSF, Primafaces, Hibernate, Spring Webflow, JPA, Oracle, Fast Service (webservices).
* Development of Internet applications, project banking companies (banks), domestic and international.
* Development using technologies: Spring Batch, Spring MVC, JSF, Primafaces, Hibernate, Spring Webflow, JPA, Oracle, Webservices, Javascript, ES6, HTML, CSS, jQuery, shellscript and PL / SQL.
*Small development using ETL Kettle.
*Systems analyst at GFT company. The development uses the Java language and use the Spring Batch framework and Hibernate.
System Analyst
giugno 2014 – febbraio 2015 (9 mesi)Arararaquara, SP - Brazil
Project Experiences
Project: Hermes.
Client: Walmart.
Function: System Analyst.
Description of the project and responsibilities:
System analyst at S2It, working on Project Hermes for Walmart, a complex Microservices structure, whose development comprised Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Ajax, RSpec, REST, MySql, Oracle, RabbitMQ, Sidekid, Sinatra. Know-how and experience on good development practices such as Build Continuous, code versioning (git), teamwork.
Period: 2014-2015.
Knowledge: Ruby, Sinatra, Rails, MySql, Oracle, ActiveMQ, Redis, Sidekiq, MongoDB,RabbitMQ, Javascript, RESTful systems communicate, Rspec, code versioning (git), teamwork, rspec.

Project: Simba – Back End.
Client: Bidu.
Function: System Analyst.
Description of the project and responsibilities:
Collaboration to Project BIDU for online insurance companies, working with the best develpoment practices such as TDD, Code Reviews and Continuous Integration. These are agile development practices with focus on delivery.
Period: 2013-2014.
Knowledge: Ruby, Rails, MySql, Sidekiq, Javascript, Rspec, Scrum, rspec.
(aperto)1 progetto
Desenvolvedor PHP.
Maxpay Serviços de Intermediações de Negócios Ltda
agosto 2012 – novembre 2013 (1 anno 4 mesi)Campinas Area, Brasile
Project: Domestic products.
Client: Prima Ferragens.
Function: PHP Developer.
Description of the Project and responsibilities:
Development and maintenance of the websites Xinguilingui, Splodz, Perfume in Box, and Suplemix, using Codeigniter framework and MySql database, specific reports, system performance analysis, search engine optimization, and electronic payment APIS.
Period: 2012-2013.
Knowledge: PHP, Codeigniter, MySql, Javascript, SVN, GIT, payment system
Web Application Developer
Bromélia Produções
gennaio 2011 – agosto 2012 (1 anno 8 mesi)Campinas Area, Brasile
Project: Galinha Pintadinha.
Client: Bromélia Produções Ltda.
Function: IT Manager and Developer.
Description of the project and responsibilities:
Ruby on Rails web development and continuity of the starting project for Galinha webstore: analysis and implementation of a new system, developed with Ruby on Rails.
Transformation of the Galinha webstore to Ruby on Rails for the new project, using Magento (PHP), data migration, designing of the content website for Galinha using CMS Silver Stripe, which made possible the inclusion of different departments of the company in the maintenance of published content without mandatory pre-approval from IT.
Development and integration of the first electronic invoice system integrated to Magento, applying Web Services technology developed on Python, with contributions to the PySped community.
Period: 2011-2012.
Knowledge: PHP, Ruby, MySql, Javascript, GIT, payment system, Rails, Magento, Python, Google Analytics.
Desenvolvedor Web
maggio 2010 – agosto 2012 (2 anni 4 mesi)Campinas Area, Brasile
roject: VCVAI.COM place guide.
Client: VCVAI.COM Ltda.
Function: Web Developer.
Description of the project and responsibilities:
Development and maintenance of the website Guia de Locais. Development of bases for the sales department of small and medium-size enterprises at the website system of VCVAI.COM. Ruby language, Rails framework, MySql database.
Period: 2010-2012.
Knowledge: PHP, Ruby, MySql, Javascript, GIT, Consume Payment System, Rails, Google Analytics.
novembre 2008 – maggio 2010 (1 anno 7 mesi)Campinas Area, Brasile
Análise de requisitos do cliente, atribuição de tarefas para equipe e gerência de equipe.
Integração com cartões de débito, crédito de API específica.
Desenvolvimento relatórios nos fomatods: PDF, XLS e CSV e utilização dos recursos:
Smarty PHP,Wordpress e Buddypress, para o desenvilvmento de sistemas.

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