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●    10+ years of experience in design and development of software in the areas of Web application development using HTML, JavaScript, and specialized software using Microsoft’s .NET framework with C# and SQL.
●    5+ years of Software Developer Coordinator delivering enterprise applications focused on great user experience
●    Strong Knowledge on manufacturing process and electronic Product Testing.
●    Experienced in Web/Enterprise applications using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
●    Results oriented and very passionate Software Developer.
●    Mentor and manage junior developers while maintaining an approachable leadership style.
●    Developed several customer Applications using iOS SDK
●    Talented in working directly with a team of product managers, designers, API developers and project managers to devise new ideas.
●    Worked on large-scale, complex projects with a focus on delivering superb results in performance, usability and code quality.
Historia laboral
Foxconn PCE (Dec 2014 - Current)
IT Sr. Software Engineer
Development, implementation and maintenance of diverse systems such as an electronic HR management system, Order Tracking System, Quality Management System document center (ISO 9001)
- Business Intelligence System Implementation: Implementation on a global scale of a data warehouse and development of several dashboards for KPI Monitoring
Technologies used: SQL ETLs in SSIS, Microstrategy BI
- Digital Asset Monitoring System: Development of a system to monitor the availability of a set of images. This images are provided by the customer in an FTP, where the system gets the files to a local distribution server.
Technologies used: C# in a Windows Service Application

Foxconn PCE (Oct 08 – Dec 2014)
Test Development Coordinator
Development, Implementation and support of applications to test components of computers, servers and laptops, as well as applications to gather data to analyze test output and produce dashboards to control KPIs.
- Automatic Failure Categorizer System: System to parse failure logs from units, and with machine learning algorithms automatically categorize them in clusters.
Technologies used: Java, Machine Learning (K-Means Clustering, TF-IDF SVM).
-Test Data Analysis Systems: Website to provide trends and statistical data in order to measure implementations effectiveness and opportunity areas.
Technologies used:, SQL, AJAX
-Repair Management System: Website to capture technician’s failure analysis and request components to Warehouse, reducing the repair cycle time.
Technologies used:, SQL, AJAX
-Server Management: Implementation and support of +100 servers for production use.
Technologies used: Windows Server 2003,2008, Linux, DHCP, TFTP, SMB.
-Incoming orders validator: System to validate customer orders for invalid configurations.
Technologies used: C#, Multithreading, SQL, REGEX, xPATH, EDI.
-Visualization System: System to display in real time the status of all the plant.
Technologies used: C#, HTML 5 Canvas, Javascript.
-Dynamic SOP: System to display assembly instructions based on the order configuration.
Technologies used: Python, Django, HTML 5 Canvas, dojo, Javascript.

Applications developed:
-Meet In Places: iPhone Application to find and connect with people nearby.
Technologies used: Xcode, Objective C, PHP, Mysql, ASPX, MSQL, Google Places API, Facebook API. Website for a fast food chain restaurant.
Technologies used: HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, Google Maps API.
-Electronic Health Record System: Web application to store and view patient’s health records.
Technologies used: ASP NET, Access, Office Interop, ASP Net Ajax. Website to emit digital tax receipts issued through Mexican Tax Administration Service.
Technologies used: ASP Net, XML, XSD, MSSQL, AJAX. Website to search local public postings on jobs, real state, cars.
Technologies used: Python, Selenium, ElasticSearch, jQuery.
Foxconn eCMMS (Jun 06 - Oct 08)
Test Development Engineer
Develop and Implement Test Applications and Systems for HP Computers.
-Localization System: System to map out the position and status of units connected during testing stage.
Orders closed 65% faster, Reduced 50% of Test Personnel.
Technologies Used: Classic ASP, MSSQL, Cisco IOS, CSS.
-Blaster Manager: Application to analyze data from an HDD copying device through RS-232.
Technologies Used: Visual Basic 6, RS-232 telnet interfacing.
-Recovery CD Creator: Application that burns Recovery CDs sent to the Replicator and creates Labels on the Zebra printers.
Technologies Used: Visual Basic .Net, ZPL
-BOM Creator Tool: Application that process an Excel file with the SKU information and outputs the BOM ready to upload to SAP
Technologies Used: Visual Basic .Net, MS Office Interop.

Wistron Mexico (Jan 04 - Jun 06)
Test Engineer.
Develop and Implement Test Applications and Systems for Computers Gateway.
    -Servers Content Balance System: System to handle the user image content through a limited amount of storage by balancing the load in separated lines (and servers) and having it available on demand.
    -System Configuration Checker: Application made in QBasic to read configuration files and the output of diagnostic tools and to check if the installed Hardware, Firmware and Raid configuration corresponds to the customer requirements

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