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Bárbara A. F. d. O. S.

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Professional with a degree in Production Engineering, with knowledge of Planning and Control of Production, Supply Chain, and Lean. Possesses experience in the areas of logistics (purchasing), management of progress reports and administrative processes, team supervision and quality monitoring.
Interest in personal and professional development. Dynamic,able to work as a team,dedicated to work and focused on results. Seek opportunities to Contribute and improve my professional training and expand my knowledge .

•    Ability to work in teams.
•    Good communication skills and extensive experience in customer service .
•    Extensive knowledge in the area of administrative procedures, facilitating the understanding with various sectors of the organization.
•    Experience in Direct Sales
•    Ability to estimate the impact of each step within the structural and commercial objectives .
•    Knowledge of market and technology trends.
•    Ability to operate at strategic levels of an organization .
•    Ease of learning and adaptation in the department changes .
•    Frequent studies in process areas , control of production planning and lean philosophy.
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Freelancer desenvolvendo vídeos para festas, empresas e youtube. Apresentação de faculdades e de trabalho, formatação de monografias e trabalhos acadêmicos.

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