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daniel n. Rails app configuración en Aws con Capistrano Hace 2 años +

"Ha cumplido con lo solicitado. Es una persona capaz."

Sobre mi
Software developer. Even though in the most recent project I was working in database developments, It has been a necessary training to become a better software expertise, I consider myself as a backend developer.

Is a pleasure to design and maintenance, elegant applications using continuous integration, methodologies and best  practices. I prefer to develop in languages like go, ruby and elixir.

Somebody recommended me an interesting book with many concepts like:
“Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute”, because “The major problems of our work are not so much technological as sociological in nature.”

Since that moment I was looked for enhance my software development.

• Go, Elixir, Ruby and C#.
• HTML, JavaScript, CSS, sass, less, etc.
• Pattern design, research and mentoring
• Business Intelligence, Analysis Services, Team Development.
• Learning Movil Development
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PHP5 Test 2014 80% 83% Aprobado
Advanced PHP Test 2014 80% 66% Aprobado
CSS 3 Test 2014 62% 52% Aprobado
HTML 5 Test 2014 75% 66% Aprobado
Computer Skills Test 2013 82% 91% Aprobado
Historia laboral
* Many Companies: Develop sundry software applications with Open Source technology and preferably golang, elixir and ruby.
Management and development of multiple projects involving backend and frontend using HTML5 standard with JS.
Web and server-side scripting in golang, ruby and elixir recently.
Api REST designed and implemented with Go. Support multiple versions of IE and other browsers using bootstrap 3, JQuery 1.11 and materialize.
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