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Sales Marketing Virtual Assistant

About me
Expert in marketing off and on-line
International and national sales
Web and app tester
Sales off and on-line
Xml, yml translator
Expert researcher and list builder
Work history
* Magazine Sett Uttenfra: In charge of sales, new client relation, finding new clients with ad requirements.
Contact me for any assistance on advertisement

* Nudipay Mobile Payment System (Financial Services): In charge of this countries to find partner and clients.

* Global Stem Cells Group (Hospital & Health Care)

* Handiscover Ltd (Hospitality): Development of spanish market
ISO 3166-2 data
Development of properties in the dashboard
Costumer service using zendesk

* - Freelancer (Internet): I am doing now what I love more, working with app, ipad and computers.
Do you need any kind of test for your web, app,.
Any help with the language. I now work for some companies helping in this fields.
Contact me for any help.

* Hospitality Service M&B Group S.L.: We supply to the Horeca sector.
Geriatric, hotel and restarurant, VIP cinemas and others.

* Direct CabCall: Testing of the application for Spain, developing lead in this market

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