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Cloud Architect    
Experienced candidate with a focus on strategic development of an Amazon AWS cloud, building a cloud architecture, and performing data analysis and mapping, and requirements gathering. Business Intelligence and Security and Servers specialist seeking a position in the IT fields. Knowledge in different technologies like Business Objects, Microsoft BI, SAN, CAMEYO(APPS IN THE CLOUD), OPENSTACK, VMWARE, IMMIDIO (VMWARE DAAS), PARALLELS, CITRIX, OCTOBLU (IOT), HYPER-V, IBM – TIVOLI HELP DESK and CLOUD FOUNDRY(PIVOTAL), DLP AND IDS SYSTEMS, CLOUD, SERVERS(Physical and / or Virtual), etc.MS AZURE, BITNAMI, HEROKU, AMAZON AWS, CloudBees, New Relic and “Others” PaaS / IaaS / DaaS / SaaS Cloud Platforms Tester: Web App, VM´s and Remote Apps (TESTER ONLY); PAAS: Red Hat OpenShift; EngineYard, MSAZURE, HP(HELION), FIREBASE, IBM BLUEMIX, MENDIX, OUTSYSTEMS, SCALINGO; IAAS: AMAZON AWS, EXOSCALE, RACKSPACE, GOOGLE, etc. SAAS: CLOUDSIGMA, ORACLE(SAAS / PAAS), LABTECH, HP VERTICA, DELL ENSTRATIUS, SALESFORCE, SYSAID, etc. IAAS: ORACLE, AJUVEO(VMWARE), JELASTIC (PAAS / IAAS), NEPHOSCALE, etc.Great Knowledge to apply “least privilege regulations” for PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA and ISO Security Standards (Protocols).Able to lead others in demanding circumstances like Project Management and remain calm in stressful situations.Self motivated, hard working individually and in a group of teams.


10+ years as Cloud Consultant.
10+ years as Project Manager.
20+ years as Microsoft Consultant.
15+ years as Business Analyst .
7+ years as Virtual Systems(Hosts / OS) Manager

Parallels Certified Automation Professional Los Mochis, México Apr, 2013
BICSI Certified on Fiber Install & Troubleshooting Guadalajara, México Oct, 2006
Cylink (P-Com) and RAD Solutions Training Seminar Tijuana, México Feb, 2004
Networking Technologies and Aironet Wireless Sols. San Diego, USA Jun, 2001
Tivoli IT Director Seminar Los Angeles, USA Aug, 2000
Solutions for the Internet Seminar Costa Mesa, USA May, 2000
Guest Speaker for the “Week of Science” (Y2K Bug) Mexicali, Mexico Nov,1999
Frame Relay, ATM and IP Training Tijuana, México Sep, 1999
DOCSIS 1.x RF Standard for Cable Networks San Diego, USA Jul, 1999
Oracle (RDBMS) Mexicali, México Mar, 1995
Investigation, Formation and Training Program Aguascalientes, México Jul, 1992
(GPS) and Automated Cartography Hermosillo, México Oct, 1990

Primary Profile:
    Cloud / LAN / Internet based Architect for Joomla CMS, and / or any “Cloud Foundry” and / or Private / Public Cloud needs (Storage, Dev, App Server, Mobile, etc).

Secondary Profile:
    Gathering and analysis of requirements and delivery of solutions.

Hardware:    Windows 2000 and higher versions, Unix, Mac and Linux; SUN Solaris WorkStation

Operating Systems:
    DOS, Novell, Windows NT, 2000 and older versions to Windows 10, Unix, Mac (iOS) and Linux, Solaris, CentOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia, iOS, etc.

App. Servers:
    Novell, MicroSoft NT 2000 to 2012R2(Hyper-V), Apache Tomcat, Linux, UNIX.

Web Technologies     XML, HTML
Databases     SQL, Oracle, MySQL
Operating Systems     Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, Windows Server 2003-2008-2016
Scripting Languages     HTML, Pascal, Basic, CMS Joomla all versions till Ver. 3.5 (PHP, CSS, Java, HTML5).

Other Tools     MS Office, Project, Visio, Crystal Report, Windows Sharepoint Services, Sharepoint Server, Project Server, Joomla 3.5(CMS), New Relic, CloudBees, AWS (Amazon Cloud), AWS RedShift, AWS S3, AWS Web Creator, Macromedia Flash, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator.


Centro de Enseñanza Técnica Superior
Mexicali, Mexico    1987- 1991

Bachelor in Computer Systems

CAMES– Medical “Claims”    Los Mochis, México    AWS Cloud Architect    From: 01/11     To: Date
Support team leader of the 4 Network Managers for the Project Tracking Web System: Gathering requirements, work planning, code inspections as well as Security control.
Automated builds and deployments using cloud formation scripts 
Design and write automation scripts in Bash Shell Script, Powershell, AWS CLI and launch scripts via Jenkins 
Provide 2nd and 3rd level support for AWS infrastructure and Applications 
Configured customized reports and dashboards using AWS Trusted Advisor and Cost Explorer.
Lead migrating and managing multiple applications from on premise to cloud using AWS services like S3, Glacier, EC2, RDS, SQS, SNS, SES.
Responsible for designing and implementing enterprise infrastructure and platforms on AWS 
Responsible for managing the build process for the Main application (CMS: Joomla): HTML5, CSS, PHP, Java, MySQL, RSFirewall (RS Joomla).
Design and write automation scripts in Bash Shell Script, Powershell, AWS CLI and launch scripts
Automated builds and deployments using cloud formation scripts and troposphere.
Also responsible for designing and conducting tests to measure performance and detect bottlenecks in the application.
In Charge of the “Cloud Virtualization” Project: PC over IP / DaaS(VDI) / IaaS / SaaS: VMWARE. CITRIX and Hyper-V (TESTS ONLY): Approx. 69 Servers: Physical and / or Virtual.
Implemented multiple AWS services in integration with Cloud Watch, Lambda, and ELB.
Designer of the New Secured internal LAN and Secured “Hidden” Wi-Fi Networks : Captured all the “Suspicious Activities” Before they “Strike”: DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and IDS (Intrusion Detection)
Engineered AWS Lambda with Amazon kinesis, and automated AWS volumes snapshot backups.
Deployment automation using Capistrano, Docker, Ansible, AWS and Terraform tools etc.
Worked on integrating AWS Dynamo DB using AWS Lambda to store the values.
Tools Installer / Manager. Created an Environment with “Granular Rights Management” so the “User” can be more Productive with Security in mind. ADS management Tools and Developer (Cloud Foundry): Private and / or Public Cloud: Hybrid.

Functional Experience:    Deploying SECURITY to different organizational level like strategically, tactical and operating DEPARTMENTS, and also “Virtual Services” for the “Hybrid Cloud” (Public and / or Private).
Tools:    HTML5, PHP, MYSQL, APACHE SERVER (TOMCAT FOR JAVA AND ALSO WEB SERVER), VMWARE. LAN / WAN / WI-FI / INTERNET / 3G / 4G / ADS / WINDOWS 2008 / 2012R2 SERVER, VMWARE, iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone), Android OS, SmartPhones and Tablets configured with Secured and Safe Network Apps (Connection between Mobile Systems and Conventional “Plain Old” Computer Systems and Servers: Printers and File Sharing Apps): MDM Application(Tested CITRIX “Mobile” Systems), User Lock, Device Lock, Flexera, InCapsula (Imperva) Web Hosting Security(Anti DDoS), RSA(EMC) SecureID, SolarWinds and VM to Cloud Simulator / Estimator App (Solar Winds), Manage Engine Desktop / Server management S/W, Nagios Network Management (OSS / MultiPlatform), Amazon AWS RedShift(Tableau Desktop/ SQLWorkBench/J, ODBC, JDBC Drivers), etc. AWS S3

Central Traffic offices – City Government (Decentralized)    Mexicali, Mexico    Manager-Lead    From: 11/05    To: 10/10

Coordinated a team of 7 Network Managers (LAN / WAN / MAN / WI-Fi): Indoors / Outdoors
Developed Deployment framework for private , public cloud (AWS) & Hybrid cloud.
Implemented Private and AWS cloud based Data center for Comcast campus application (Xfinity on campus),
Backup and Redundancy (OutDoor Wireless using MOTOROLA CANOPYS at 5.8Ghz) for the Whole “Outdoor / indoor” Network and Fiber cuts (Physical Layer)
Handled data integration between Cloud-based and on premise software deployments.
Provided architecture guidance for selected Business Units, assessing migration feasibility and deployment strategy based on AWS Architecture best practices.
Configured and Maintained a Cloud environment (Hybrid) on Amazon AWS Cloud / On Premises, conducted data management and integration of cloud based application servers
Created migration roadmaps to AWS public Cloud regions, designed architecture models compliant with security policies and Standards
Created the “New Forms” for measuring “Traffic Times” using “Field technology detectors”(ITERIS Wireless Optical Devices running at 2.8Ghz) and Central Management Server and Systems Apps (6 Windows 2003 Servers, 2 LINUX RED HAT) that keep the “Counting and Statistical Daily Data”. As a Result we had approx. 25-33% “Reduction” in “Traffic Congestions” and approx. 30% “reduction” in “Waiting Times and Idle Pollution”.
SECURED the “Indoor Perimeter”(Central Management Office) against “internal” / “external” attacks: In / Out “certified entrance” to our Facilities with specialized Video, FingerPrint and/or Audio Technologies.
Created the “outdoor Alarms” for the “Field Devices”.
Solve Outside (Field) Remote Video Problems (VERINT DVR Servers / Windows Server 2003 Tech)
ADS management Tools (For the Whole Domain)
In charge of the Public Relations and Primary Guided Tour to “guests” and / or Special authorities (Whole World)

Functional Experience:    Project management and control. Project estimations. Define functional specifications. Develop functional prototype. Write user interface specification, and design database. Write back-end code to support web interface. Program Management Methodology. Create a “New Management Team”. New Procedures and generation of “Redundancy” for the whole Network.
Tools:    MySQL, SQL, Visio, MS Project, MS Word, (Office Suites), LAN / MAN / WIRELESS (5.8Ghz and 900Mhz) / Fiber /WINDOWS 2003 R2, ITERIS, PELCO, VERINT, DIGI serial to IP, ADS, 3M Door Access Systems, RSA (EMC) SecureID, AWS, etc.

Global Access – Telecomm / IT    Calexico, USA    Telecomm Consultant    From: 01/00    To: 11/05

Coordinated a team of 15 System Analysts.
Reduced 70% the “errors” in “Pre-Sale Stage”
Increased Customer Satisfaction and Sales approx. 30% More
Installed LOTUS Help Desk Server (IBM), so users and clients can locate, transform, and share content (Solutions) across geographically disbursed Teams in real time.
Implemented PCAnywhere (Norton) remotely to see how customer equipments were responding.
Decreased “Technician Field Work” (Travelling to Customer Locations) in approx. 30% to 40%.” (A lot of the job was made remotely from our central office)
Designed and Developed the following “Protocols”: FRAME RELAY / IP Network, VPN’s(Internet), “On the Road” national/international Network Access. T1’s, E1’s and Optical(Cross the border) antennas and Wi-Fi(Wireless systems).
Formulated proposals designed to offer the best possible IT solutions to our clients.
Certified the Team members: TIVOLI´S (IBM HELP DESK) and others.

Functional Experience:    Program Management Methodology. Create an Environment for Remote Support of Clients. Create and install a complete “New Team” of People to be in charge of Internet Value Added Projects.
Tools:    Visio, MS Project, LOTUS, Remote Access (PC Anywhere) and LAN / WAN / Wireless Connectivity. ADS (ACTIVE DIRECTORY) / WINDOWS 2000 / 2003 SERVER; IBM´S TIVOLI HELP DESK. ADS: DOMAIN.

ECCO Networks – Networks.
    Tijuana-S Diego, Mexico / USA    Jr. Consultant    From: 04/93    To: 01/00

End User Support for Desktop Computers(iMac Mac OS, Windows OS, DOS, Novell Clients IPX / IP)
Recruited to certify the business in a specific brand name of telecomm equipment
Developed new strategies for implementation of the brand.
Performed the certification and passed the required Business Exams.
Recruited and trained the team to perform infrastructure installations for LAN / WAN / Wireless.
PBX E1 / T1 Data and Voice Programming and Installations
Penetrated the New PBX Market (With Internet Value Added Accesories) by 35% increase over “Other” (non-certified) Competitors.
100% of the Branches were connected with Central Office (Via a FRAME RELAY Switched Private Connection)
Consolidated and Centralized all of the Information Systems
Creator of the “New Messaging System” via the “New Network” between branches and Central Office (NOVELL OS SERVER AND CLIENT)
Reduced “Travel Support times”(and Resources) 50% to branches
Exploited Novell´s LDAP to Manage Users and Resources depending on “Users Rights and Privileges” for all branches and Central Office (i.e. a “user” on a “remote office” could send to a “remote central printer”(Central Offices) a file to be printed out, if he(she) had the “Correct Rights “ to do It)
Generated the “new” DLP (Data Loss Prevention) “Culture” and installed “Blue Lance Server” for Security against internal “Confidential File Theft”.
Used Novell Netware Servers (as File / Application Servers) and NT Server for the SQL Server Application (Reports and Querys).
Functional Experience:    Manager interactions and Business Project proposal.
“Certify” the Business in Nortel Networks Telecommunications Devices, so the business can stablish and Sell the Brand “exclusively” in that region. I was responsible for “Uniting” all “remote branches” (Different Cities across the State) with “Central Offices”. In charge of installing and configuring all of the Routers (CISCO-NORTEL) so each and every LAN in the Branch can communicate with Central offices.

    Mexicali, México    Editor Librarian    From: 10/90    To: 04/93

70% of all the Farmers Land was now in “Control” (Certainty)
Creator of the New “Naming Protocol” for Digital and / or Printed Files
Contributor in the Creation of the “Storage Room” (like a Library for searching)
Trainer for the new GPS Devices / Systems (with different daily satellites windows) to measure Farmer´s Land.
Divided the AUTOCAD Designer Groups according to each of their knowledge for generating .DXF files coming from the “Field GPS Devices”.

Functional Experience:    To form a Team of Specialized Engineers for measuring Farmers Land using Satellites (GPS) and make Printed “Maps” of each and every Farmer´s Property. After Printing, I was also in charge of creating all the Protocols for “searching” and “Manipulating” the “Print Outs” (Inside and Outside the Central Office). Formed a “Library protocol” for handling all the information (Printed and Digital Files).
Tools:    DOS, SUN Solaris(UNIX), AutoCad, GPS, Arcinfo (Geo Spatial Systems)

Native Spanish, English

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