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El México actual requiere de individuos mejor capacitados y comprometidos con la calidad y la participación, individuos capaces y seguros de sí mismos, tanto en su desempeño profesional como personal. Un conjunto de individuos mexicanos que entiendan el desarrollo de México como una consecuencia del trabajo organizado, la participación y principalmente del conocimiento y el pensamiento creador aplicados a la solución de problemas.
Historia laboral
Expide Tu Factura, IT Manager
December '14 – Present
Coordination of the development and technical support teams for the new deployments on Java and PHP technology on Linux platform.  Duties includes defining new integration software architecture to get Single Sign On between platforms technologically separated with JWT. Planning migration technology infrastructure, implementation and documentation of process such as: security monitoring, privilege management, security testing plan, DRP and risk management.    Effective management of multiple projects.  Coordination of integration of new services to the portfolio of the company for marketing (PayPal, Telcel Airtime, debs to pay, invoicing analyzer).  Implementation of controls for planning and implementation of changes.  Planning and implementation of code repository (Subversion Edge) and test environment.  Incorporation of new roles in IT area as: Tester, for quality assurance software.  Redefinition of the positions in the area to encourage growth and professional commitment. Management the development and production environments of the data centers of the company.

Expide Tu Factura – Senior Developer
October '14 – November '14
Responsible person for electronic invoicing providing giving support for integration of new clients.  Implementation of new validation rules for CFDI V3.2.  Design and implementation of improvements to reduce incidents using Java, Shell Scripting, PHP and MySQL.  Management Linux servers involved in the CFDI process.

Ferromex – Grupo México, IT Programmer Sr.
April '14 – September '14
Duties include developing Java Standalone applications with Spring, Maven and crontab config in RedHat OS for sending reports by email.    Developing TIBCO client and producer for sending messages under the standards of the company.     Analysis of new modules to integrate SOA applications and  legacy systems.  Subversion was used as a code repository and releases. MAPFXE based in PMI standards for project management.

Ferromex – Grupo México, IT Specialist Consultant Sr. – Praxis de México
June '11 - March '14
Design and development of applications and modules for integration between SAP, .NET and Java applications using Swing, EJB 3.0, Quartz, JPA, Java Reflection, JMS, JAXB, JiBX, Web Services, Maven as building tool, Hazelcast for proper operation in Weblogic 10.3.0 clustered in Active-Active mode (High Availability) in RedHat 5.4, Oracle and Informix JDBC, Netbeans 7.0 and Eclipse Juno as IDE.  Framework modifications based on Swing (K-Framework) used in some developments enhancing the functionality to export to MS Excel.  Developed components were successfully integrated into SOA required for migration of the current system zOS mainframe to Java/Unix technology.  Technical leader, providing advisory services on current projects for potential improvements in technologies and best practices in software development.  Planning and monitoring the development of some software components as well as physical and logical design level. Coordination of team development with Swing components, new functionalities and integration JQuery in SOA (TIBCO as ESB) with LDAP and SiteMinder.

Secretaria de Gobernación, Specialist Consultant IT Sr. – Praxis de México
Nov '13 - Dec '13
Support for critical project implementing some use cases with RichFaces, Spring,  Hibernate, JPA, using MySQL as database and JBOSS 5 as application server.  Maven 3.0.3 was used as building tool under Windows environment. Different design patterns as Builder, Repository, PO, etc., were used in an architecture in four layers.

AXA Seguros, Analyst Sr. – Praxis de México
April '11 - May '11
Corrections details view and business layers respecting the design patterns used (DAO, MVC, Business Delegate, Factory) and existing Ajax implementations. Websphere 6.1 was used as server applications and Oracle as database and Struts 1.2.  New validation rules for the front end for proper application execution were implemented.

CEECI, Analyst Sr.
January '10 - February '11
Analyst in development of architecture (4+1). Administrative control system if this institute was developed with Java 5, JSTL, AJAX, JSP, Hibernate, Struts 1.2 and RUP as development methodology including UML with Enterprise Architect.    Development through design patterns (MVC, Singleton, Factory, Decorator). Using Oracle as database and PL/SQL Stored Procedures.

Servicios TI, System Analyst
April '09 - December '09
Requirements analysis, system design using RUP methodology, drawing UML diagrams (sequence, classes, states, transitions diagrams).    Developing of modules for monitoring tasks in J2EE using Struts framework, layer view was developed with Ajax and some stored procedures in PL/SQL.  Development and monitoring of the test plan and monitoring the implementation in WebLogic 8.0.

Matamoros Garment, J2EE Developer
February '08 - April '09
Design of software architecture, technical leader of the development team, coding several modules with the purpose of send XML messages between applications.  Use the best practices to J2EE standards published by SUN.  RUP was used as development methodology including the development artifacts like document architecture and deployment model. Websphere as application server.

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