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Desarrollo de Aplicaciones en Informatica Locales e Internet Information Services 
Historia laboral
_TERNIUM Empresa transnacional (Argentina, México, USA, Guatemala…) (Septiembre 2009 – Noviembre 2012)._ Support consultant on information implementation.


1.- Technology used. Use of Apps (C#), use of clases, reuse of components.

Use of an application (Solution c#), use of classes  ApplicationProcessCommon, ApplicationProcess, Controller, Module, DAO.

Consistent use of Apps, being the main source of data base, any solution (SAP, Oracle, SQL, etc).

Priary use was to receive parameters, analyzing situations, application of business rules and obtaining feedback from successful or failed information.

2.- Use of Midleware Technology, (Ternium’s own).

Web pages, 100% use of apps for this technology.

3.- Use of  Midleware Technology for gun scanning control (tracker scanner) and inventory control. ( in all points in the plant.)

4.- Multiple applications for these technologies.

Data recollection for application scanning status.

Multiple data capturing in Midleweare (web pages).

5.- Use of Apps, so that webService send parameters and get feedback.

6.- Use of Web Applications. (

Scanning of applications, CACYP system – (Stands for: failure and following of the failing register)

7.- Implementation of electronic bill in Guatemala’s floor.


Implementation of new systems on floor and NCA (New Active System)

First previous, Communication interfaces between the old system and QNX or automation point between the production lines and the second (NCA) and the administration and control between the new system and QNX on the Churubusco y Guerrero Plants.

Four months in night shift.

//Experience in ITS S.A.              April 2008 – August 2009              Office: Monterrey// //NL//

.NET Developer / Consultor .NET   _TERNIUM__Empresa transnacional (Argentina, México, USA, Guatemala…) (Abril 2008 – Agosto 2009)._ Support consultant on information implementation with SAP data base and demonstration in we b pages, all information related to production goods, Production standard and indicators of it.

Functions: Analysis and design of data bases for the SAP information extractor, manipulation of it to show on web, analyzed with the main user and destiny of itself.

Production of Data Warehouse in a repository data base structure, turning it into different sources of SAP information. Its purpose was to provide a central point, independent of the operations system, built into a dimensional structure that enables easy review of information with an excellent performance.
    · Creation of small Data-Mart on its way.
    · Reengineering of existing data base.
    · Use of Power designer Sybase.
    · 100% Redesign of old process and 20% creation of new concepts.
    · Safe and Easy to use data base creation as well as new programs in the making process.
    · Reducing processing time from 2 hours to 4 minutes.
    · Use of SQL Server 2000, 2005 & 2008.
    · Use Power Designer of Sybase.
    · Transformation of Data Base.(SQL Server)
    · ASP in web aspect.

//Tostadora de Café la Fuente SA de CV              Aprill 2007 – July 2009              Office: Monter////rey NL//



_Tostadora__de Café La Fuente S. A. de C. V._ _ (April 2007 – July 2009). _

Application development on Server. Extration of Crechendo system to SQL Server. Administration Systems for Coffee production, Customer portfolio system development, System control of _Comodatos_, System tailored to customer’s specifics needs.
    · Project development. Simple systems of consulting information.
    · Use of SQL Server Technology and extractor and Store Procedure, Power Designer (Design and Re - Design), Power Builder.



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