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Leo I.

Creative and Planning Director

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More than 15 years as Creative and Planning Director, coordinating office & teams, designing and directing Web-to-Print jobs and technology using short, medium and long terms. Over 100 web projects and UI (user interface): Institutional, Portal, Digital Media also with the platforms E-Commerce, B2C, On Demand, Retail, Social Media, Brand and Style Guides.

Long expertize in Corporative HR EndoMarketing and Trade Marketing sync with internal departments. Research for branding strategy, social media and advertising.

Excellent reading, writing, and overall communication skills. Good Internal Skills - Sync easily between departments. Self-motivated, entrepreneurial and flexible, "big picture" approach. Positive team player attitude.

Especializações: Pioneiro na criação de uso de peças e atividades com personalização e dados variáveis. Pode ser utilizado em Mala-Direta, Web, B2B, B2C, ou qualquer atividade atribuída com impressão gráfica digital para dados variáveis, com banco de dados de nomes, dados particulares, cores e imagens de preferência do cliente e/ou público alvo.

Essa tecnologia foi premiada com o 5 Prêmio Abba/NET MSN de Comunicação, dentro do projeto da empresa Michelin Brasil.
Historia laboral
Executive Planning and Creative Director, Seepix Ad & Digital Media, Brazil, April 2009 – June 2015 For Companies as such: Telefonica (Spain), Nestlé, Avon, BASF, Google, Ingredion and others.

•    Planner, Designer and Campaign’s development for ads, communication and online projects, marketing, strategy and websites. Also Creative Team Management.
•    Strategic research and direction business plan for strategic’s campaigns.
•    Implemented use of new programs into the companies to help improve employee’s mood and engagement and for company’s income as well.
•    Maintain contact with agency and over 20 clients developing a network of support and communication.
Executive Creative Director, Transaction Software, Brazil, Sept. 2008 – Dec. 2008
•    Visual identity of the company, product’s portals, stationery, application of market activities, and search on and offline solutions for new business and profitability.
•    Design and development of all products, concepts and studies mentioned above, and the application of B2B, B2C and new business between companies.
Executive Creative Director, SRO Latin America, Latin America, April 2007 – April 2008
A.K.A – FIA GT and Grand Turing Series (Head Office in Europe)

•    Leader of creative and design’s office working straight under to the CEO. Implemented all steps for the first visual identity for campaign and activities (on and offline) in Latin America.
•    Marketing research for the success of audience for TV, Radio, Internet and Magazines
•    Planning for sponsorship and contact with TV and Media.

Creative Director, Leitura e Arte Marketing, Brazil, Sept. 2004 – March 2007

•    Strategic planning and projects action’s marketing for magazines and events.
•    Advertiser responsible for Ferrari’s Magazine in Brazil with ads creation, desktop publishing, coordination and study for projects and campaigns, creation of media actions, better relationship with customers and partners journals.

Creative Director, Newbizz Marketing On demand, Brazil, July. 2003 – Aug. 2004

•    Team and project coordinator for big jobs and companies such as Hewlett Packard, Michelin, Volkswagen Brazil and Itau Bank.
•    Creation for websites, prints, ads, communication, marketing actions and management.

Creative Designer, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Latin America, Feb. 1997 – April 2003

•    Quality Control acting with product’s samples over 400 companies in Latin America
•    International contact with Warner Bros in LA (Burbank) dev. a network of support and communication.
•    Development of presentations, research, spreadsheets, events, projects and internal control.

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