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Iris Valdez - Customer Service Agent

Freelancer Alejandro K. Alejandro K. Last year

"Iris is a great freelancer. He quickly understood the job scope and the tasks to be performed and has been delivering great results for the last months. A great customer support agent. "

About me
Hi! I'm the best fit for the role and here are the reasons why:
Experience - I have been working as a freelancer for a very long time both in face to face and call center scenarios which honed my skills in the position up to a level which makes the role almost second nature.
Personality - I'm a tech addict and enjoys working on anything that involves IT and Technology. The jobs a person will perform most effectively are those that he/she is having the most fun with
Knowledge - I'm a tech-savvy person and working on websites and programming web pages comes easy. I took up computer science in college and I'm one of those people that uses voice command on their lights and sound systems at home. I'm also a writer and did freelance writing jobs in the past. I will attach an example of my work for your reference.
Interest - Aside from Technology, I'm also into sports, movies and music. I'm also a certified Red Cross lifeguard and ASCA  certified swim coach. I was brought up in a family which takes sports and fitness seriously. My siblings were members of the National Team. This means I'm reliable and knows how to take good care of myself and won't easily get sick in working graveyard shifts among other things. And to delve into it deeper, it also means I also know the value of teamwork and how respect in the importance of roles, collaboration and coordination can bring success to a person and his team.
Work history
I was in the BPO industry for more than 5 years, doing customer service and sales for AT&T, Sprint and Directv. Helpdesk support for Intuit Quickbooks and HP Notebooks. I also did freelance web design, web content writing, copywriting and news writing for 3-4 years. Also did some teaching on HTML and PERL back in the day. I took up Computer Science in College and has great foundation in various Programming Languages and Databases.
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