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Creator, Developer, Software designer, Problem Solver since 2005.

- Agile Project Planning.
- Scrum Product Owner.
- Startups.
- Interface design and usability.
- Process Engineering.
- Tech Consultant

- Pattern Recognition and Classification, applied to business process optimization.
- Web development using Agile Frameworks ( J2EE-Struts,Django, CakePHP, Code Igniter, RoR ).
- AI, Robotics, Robot Control and Planning (Image recognition, path planning, multi-agents).
- CRM Management.
- Implementation and optimization of core processes using agile software solutions.
- Business Intelligence.
- Trainer and Coach.

Key Achievements:
- Design the post sale service platform for Open English Operations Team
- Detect user patterns that leads to early cancellation using BI and pattern recognition techniques, and design different strategies that helped reduce OE churn by 3% on 2012. Much if this work is still being used by the company to retain our customers.
- Recruit, train and manage the first Oe tech support services team, based on coaching techniques and product knowledge. An small team of 4 reps maintained a 40 k active clients population over 2 years, maintaining a monthly 0-48hrs KPI of 80%.
- Actively take part of the team that created and pushed forward the Open English Platform from the very beginning.
Historia laboral
* Open English (E-Learning): A Deployment Manager will be on charge of ensuring all the Operations area are fully capable of using all the tools implemented by the Technology team, thus minimizing team impacts, resistance to change and optimizing the learning curve. It is also responsible for evaluating this changes in terms of how the target team uses it, if it meets the initial requirements and needs as intended and if the new income its being used the way it was designed for.

- Present metrics for upcoming changes given information from pre-planning and planning stages of requests and projects, in terms of training effort, impact, and process compromised as the ew requests are deployed.
- Coordinate training and distribute changes information actions across diferent areas of Ops team
- Ensure the proper use of every change requested after implementation
- Identify misused or deprecated tools
- Implement metrics to evaluate releases, based on learning curve, training effort, impact and undesirable effects on our operation.

* Open English (E-Learning): - Design and maintain Internal and External Solutions for Training, Information and Tech support
- Ensure Platform quality
- Evaluate and raise new requirements based on users (external and external)
- Control information flow between Dev Team and all other Departments.
- Apply data mining in order to find better CRM strategies

* Zava (Internet): QA Leader, BI, Business modeling, Social Networks, Scrum Master

* Warupé (Sports): What started as a hobbie for 6 friends on the spelunking club of the  Simón Bolívar University (CEE USB) was then turned a tourism company specialized on "Extreme Eco-tourism".

We specialized on taking small groups to wild and pristine places on Venezuela, making them enjoy pure nature while testing their own mental and physical limits and learn how to preserve nature. 
Working on Warupé  (it means "a dark place" in Pemón language, much like the caves we used to visit)  I've trained myself on high altitude rope maneuvers, high risk tasks, security, rescue, first aid, caving guiding and group management.  Also wide knowledge about endemic flora and fauna of this remote environments.

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