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Over 18 years of working experience in different fields have gave me the versatility of perform my job efficiently in a wide rank of subjects.

In an office enviroment, I have worked in various operational positions from reception to executive assistance, through secretarial work, financial and administrative support, procurement of goods and services and customer service, each one of these have helped me in develop myself holistically.

As a chemist, I have worked in the Food Industry, in the Pharmaceutical Industry and in the Biological products manufacturing, as a QC analyst, QC inspector, QC Supervisor and Production Inspector, applying in each of these positions different tools, technics and practices, following international quality guidelines.

I am a woman who is always looking to improve herself in any field and in any direction that can make me better, personal and professionally; I have many interest but my main goal is to be happy with who I am, and with the things I do, for these reason, I am looking for a position that not only be stimulant and enriching but that challenged me intellectually. I do not like routine because I think that routine is the enemy of creativity and growth.

As a person who is sensitive to the social theme and because I have worked as a volunteer in specific matters, a special mention deserves my last job which allowed me to be in contact with this subjects in a more abstract manner, and understand how my work can impact in a bigger and efficient scale.

In a recent past, between jobs and in my spare time, I have managed a small company of my own (with two partners), in Event production, catering and hospitality, and another in the retailing field. It was an exhausting job but very rewarding for me, because it helped me to fullfill the dream of have been my own boss and build a business from cero and make it work, Event planning in small or large scale and also travel planning and arrangements, are now very natural for me to do.
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