Gabriel B. freelancer experto en ASPNET, C#, OpenCV

Gabriel B.

Full Stack developer and Researcher Sr, en Lagash

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I hold a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, graduating with an average grade of 8/10.
Additionally I am a computer technician, graduated from the ORT Technical School, with an average of 8.40.
My skills include analysis, development and implementation of systems and websites, training users, and subsequent maintenance and support of these.
I have an ability for learning new concepts and I am highly enthusiastic in grasping new knowledge. I am very comfortable working in group projects, however I can work individually as well because I consider myself a responsible, hard-working and proactive person, with little or no supervision required.

It is my goal to provide added value to any organization with my technical skills as well as with my positive personality, while continuing with my own professional growth.
Historia laboral
* Lagash (Servicios y tecnología de la información): Research de nuevas tecnologías y desarrollo de prototipos. Desarrollos en Asp.Net, C#, Mobile Xamarin Android, IoS, Microsoft Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Web Api, Azure Blob, reconocedor de voz (Speech Api), reconocedor de caras (Face Api), Facebook app,  Manejo de drone Parrot mediante AR.Drone, Nodejs, PyArdrone, Python Machine Learning. C++ y OpenCV para detección de objetos y manejo de imágenes. Desarrollos en Asp. Net, C#, Sql Server. Tecnología de E-Beacons para localización de personas en interiores.

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