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Ludela B. Finalizar proyecto Ios 8 y 9 10 months ago +
Walter E. J. R. Diseño y Desarrollo de app para Ios Last year +

"Trabajar con Arpad es increíble. Tiene una capacidad técnica muy alta. Al principio nos costo un poco entrar en confianza y entendernos, creo que propio de las diferencias del lenguaje, pero la verdad es que terminamos un producto genial, ya disponible en el appStore.
Como en todo proyecto, tuvimos momentos buenos y malos, y lo que rescato de Arpad es que nunca se dio por vencido cuando hubo que solucionar problemas que parecían imposibles.
Sin duda recomiendo a Arpad!"

Gi G. I. Modulo Xcode - Para proyecto Ios Iphone - Reportar Imagen No permitida 2 years ago +
Gi G. I. Actualización para Ios 7 y Modificaciones de Aplicacion - Xcode 2 years ago +
Rodrigo G. Modificación de aplicación móvil Ios video Streaming 2 years ago +

"Proyecto por horas en curso"

Carlos G. Adecuaciones a Tienda en línea y panel de admin - Php 3 years ago +

"Todo muy bien, resolvio los requerimientos del aplicativo en muy buen tiempo."

Carlos G. Funcion para cargar imágenes a tienda en línea Php 3 years ago +

"Resolvio el problema muy rapido y agrego las funciones necesarias, todo funciona perfecto, recomiendo su trabajo."

About me
I like the challenges, make different things everyday because i love learn something new everyday like the new languages, work with entrepreneurs and make my own startups is something cool, but not everything is programming, i like to travel and eat some chocolates too.
Certifications (3)
Test Year Score Percentile Status
Objective C Test 2014 60% 50% Passed
HTML 5 Test 2013 85% 87% Passed
Spanish Grammar Test 2013 78% 52% Passed
Work history
* MatchBlood (Internet): The idea born in a event called Startup Weekend in Tijuana city, the app helps you to find blood donors around the city where you are in that moment.


-We won 3th place in Startup Mexico and we received $100,000 MX to establish the company and get mentoring from professionals in Mexico city.
-3th place in Startup Weekend
-Our product is on closed alpha version.


* Mexico Innovation and Development - MIND Hub (Information Technology and Services): Mind Cubic helps you to develop your idea with modern processes and methodologies, high caliber mentoring, access to capital and strategic networking.


Develop an app called Zrcle to keep track of your goals.

FXR an app like uber to ask for handyman (plumbers, home reparations, electricians)

Work with lean methodologies

Learn about experiment board, lean canvas and business model canvas.

Help to develop the architecture of empiric with the standard HL7, LOINC and SNOMED-CT. Empiric is an app for keep track of your medical records and share that information with another ERP.

* ALA Software: When i finished the university i started to work as a freelance for iOS projects from (Argentina, Chile, Mexico and US).


-TengoFree, it’s an startup from argentina to get discounts from local nightclub. (

-Canal 44 is an app to transmit the channel Canal 44 fue otro proyecto en el que utilice octoshape para hacer streaming del canal 44. (, an older version)

-Octavo Día it’s an newsletter app in Baja California Sur for iPhone and iPad with Auto Layout and web services connections. (currently not in the App Store but the page is it’s an app for audio streaming of different channels, it was finished but not published on the App Store.

-M-Task is an app created in Cocos2d who challenges you to prove your multitask; the purpose is to see how long you can play three games simultaneously. (currently not in the App Store)
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