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Unity 3D, AR/VR app developer (Android & iOS)

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I am professional Unity 3D, AR/VR (Android & iOS) application developer. I’ve developed professional expertise in applications and game development Using of advanced skills with leading edge Technologies, Programming tools and platforms available:

Unity3D, Android, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Vuforia/ARToolkit SDK with 3D rendering.

I have great experience in C#(mono), JAVA, JavaScript, & C/C++. Expertise in Research & Development & ready to explore new technology by thinking 'Out of the box'.

#  Technical Skills:

➢    Programming Languages: C#(mono), Java, C/C++, HTML5& CSS3 (Markup)
➢    Game Engine & IDEs: Unity 3D, Android Studio, MonoDevelop, Visual Studio
➢    SDKs: Android, Vuforia, ARToolkit, ARmedia, Google Tango, HoloLens
➢    APIs: Google Firebase (FCM), REST, GSON, OpenGL, Facebook (Unity+Android)
➢    AR Features: Image recog, Object recog, User defined, Geolocation based, VR
➢    Designing Tools: Blender, Maya, Photoshop CS6, Sketch, DivShot, Brackets
➢    Deployment Platform: Android, iOS, UWP, Cardboard, Smart Glasses

# Professional Summary:

➢    Versatile Unity 3D developer with 2+ years of experience of producing, designing and programming app & game with AR/VR technology on variety of platforms- Android, iOS, Smart glass, Cardboard & more.
➢    Excellent knowledge of Unity 3D engine, Unity shedders & effects, Animation, GUI styles, 3D/2D assets, 3D rendering, C# (mono), Native code plugin development in Unity.
➢    Professional in Augmented Reality platform & Vuforia (PTC), AR media, ARToolkit & Wikitude SDK integration with Unity, Android, iOS.
➢    Expert in different AR/VR features: Image recognition & content rendering (device & cloud based), Geolocation based AR, Marker based AR, real world 3D object recognition and VR rendering on smart-glass, HMD (Oculus) using Tango/HoloLens SDK with Unity 3D.

#  Looking for best opportunity to utilise my experience and skills to produce result fidelity.
Historia laboral
* Mobiliya Technologies (Information Technology & Services): Project: Enterprise AR app development (Unity 3D, Android, iOS)

•    Gamified AR/VR based application development in the arena of emerging technology.

•    Design use cases, storyboard & develop Enterprise AR instructional app for medical and Automobile industry.

•    Development and R&D on AR/VR, AR SDKs like Vuforia, ARmedia & enhancing ARToolkit (open source) SDK using OpenCV.

•    Plugin development and scripted post rendering logic for uniformed/prebuilt Unity output to java (Android) and Xcode (ios)

•    Google firebase (FCM) SDK integration, real time database and app analytics.

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