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I’m an Electronic Engineer and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) with great knowledge of C, C#, Java, Android, Objective-C, HTML, .NET, MVC, Javascript and Jquery.
Currently I’m working for a company called Entrepidus.
In this job I'm in charge (as a lead developer) of the design of Android and iOS applications.
I know how to work and develop apps using the following technologies.
- SQLITE for android mobile
- Microsoft SQL 2012.
- SOAP and REST Service usage and develop.
- XML dynamic layouts.
- Sync Services.
- Location Services for Android and iOS including geofencing.
- Objective-C
- Core Data
- C#
- VB .Net
- Javascript, jQuery and HTML5

Currently have 1/3 Microsoft Certifications of the MCSD
Historia laboral
* Entrepidus: In this job I’m in charge of the design and develop of an application called Formulate. This is a massive consumer app designed for Burger King, Samsung and Pepsi.
The Project is quite large, including the use of:
- SQLITE for android mobile
- Microsoft SQL Database for Server Side
- MVC 3 implementation for server side web site
- XML dynamic layouts.
- Sync Services for the app, building a database with more than 40 tables and views.
- Location Services to aware users of the proximity to some locations (If This Then That alike system)
- Total custom user interface.
- Resources validation and upload from server side platform.
- Resources (Image and Video) Stream and download from server from android device.
- Objective C with coreData Implementation.
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