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Tengo amplia experiencia con wordpress, eh trabajado con sitios wordpress armados desde cero, armados desde un psd o basado un templates ya realizados (ej. themes de themeforest).

Soy diseñadora multimedial con más de 7 años de experiencia. Mi especialidad es la maquetación HTML/CSS, todo mi trabajo es realizado sin tablas (Table-less), maquetación pixel-perfect, cross-browser compatible (de ser necesario a partir de IE6) y todo validado por la w3c.

Programador PHP, Desarrollador Android
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720 DEVELOPMENTS | 2008 – Current
Founder. I work here managing a small team (a programmer, a designer and one HTML/CSS slicer). We work for a lot of business. Our major customers are large companies of design, marketing and advertising that make outsourcing with us.
I also work here making HTML/CSS, Wordpress Adaptation, Web Design and consultant.

FREELANCER | 2008 – Current
Freelancer. I've worked with Wordpress, PSD/AI/ PNG to HTML/CSS, sites from scratch, and lots of projects. I've worked for several companies outside freelancer.com, but you can check there some of my work. (Franco, who appear on the comments also, is my partner).
I have worked mostly with small size projects, however I've done personal projects like
- reallycoolquotes.com
- gaypont.com (was a dating network that use to hold up to 10.000 users, but we didn't know how to monetize so it went down ).
You can find more in My Portfolio

SUQUÍA ARGENTINA | 2006 – 2008
Team Leader. I work here managing a small design team (controlling the quality of the design and assigning tasks). Also I work making web design and slicing HTML/CSS.

ODDA | 2006
Web Manager. ODDA is an architecture study, in this study I was responsible for small sites that were assembled based on their architectural projects.

GRUPO-E | 2005-2006
Web Master. I work here making Tourist sites from scratch the process include the design (psd), The slicing HTML/CSS and the content management,
I was responsible of searching what content to place in the sites.

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