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Gennovy M. S.

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Industrial Engineer
Historia laboral
Current - April 2016
Process Consultant at Banco Exterior, C.A Universal Bank. Caracas, Venezuela
-    Provide analysis and advice to improve the organization's productivity
-    Data gathering and research to identify problems. Proposing possible solutions to clients.

April 2015-2016
Process Analyst III at Banco Exterior, C.A Universal Bank. Caracas, Venezuela
-    Development and documentation of project management methodology by using Lean Six Sigma approach.
-    Drawing inferences from process details and considering business objectives in identifying process improvements. 

February - May 2014
Intern at Productos EFE (Venezuelan ice cream brand) Caracas, Venezuela.
«Implementation of Continuous Improvement to principal production lines »
-    Review maintenance schedule in order to determine the preventative maintenance that is to be performed on the equipment
-    Simulation of the failure rate for some of the production lines.

March - August 2014
Intern /Lean Assistant at SNCF Voyages (French National Society of Railways) Paris, France.
«Use of Lean Six Sigma to improve client service quality ».
-    Development of two projects Six Sigma related to waiting times in queues and rate of collection of fines committed on trains.
-    Analyzing and proposing solutions.

July- September 2011
Intern at Banesco, Universal Bank.  Caracas, Venezuela.
« Transactional Composition Analysis of Banesco Key Points on a national level ».
-    Building and implementing clusters in order to characterize different types of agencies and statististically analyse their performance evolution by suppressing seasonality.

October 2010-March 2012
Tutor in Statistics and Mathematics at Simon Bolivar University. Caracas, Venezuela.
-    Conducting practical classes to reinforce the knowledge of students for groups of 50-100 first year students and groups of 30-40 students in Manufacturing Engineering and Computer Science.
-    Supporting teachers by marking statistical projects.

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