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Enabling strategic change through disruptive innovation management. My main interest is to enhance strategies for promotion and strengthening of SME's  through technological Development; to incorporate the hows of innovative management processes within the firms; and to promote, develop, and accelerate science and technology-based firms in the region. These can be done by align their corporate strategy, with its technological strategy through restructuring or redifining its organizational structure and their main processes through innovative tools activities to fulfil its innovation and technological development objectives.

Good track record of applying creative problem solving and design thinking for strategic innovation in a business setting. Specialist in the linkage and technology transfer processes, from the strategic planning of R&D, to the development of new products and services based on scientific and technological developments. Also, helping local goverment and local organizations to scaling up territorial innovation as a political process.

Strong academic credentials with broad academic background across economic and policy (BA in International Relations), international cooperation and negotiation (MSc Diplomatic Studies) and business development in technology and innovation (MSc in Technology and Innovation Management). Able to handle both rigorous quantitative analysis and people-centred qualitative approaches and combine these to project-manage strategic assignments.

I like to be involved in the creation and development of different entrepreneurial environments to develop new technology-based business, managing the disruptive innovation process and the transfer of knowledge to facing the fascinating task of making a better life for people through Science & Technology Development.

Hector Parker Rosell, MA, MSc.
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* Varias Consultoras, NAVANA, QUARA, ADVANK, INFORMATICA: My current challenge, is to introduce best innovation practice inside SME's through Investing in creativity  activities to mitigate risk and increase value; the hows of the introduction of innovative management processes within the company through creativity tools; and to promote, develop, and accelerate science and technology-based firms in the region.


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