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Andrés A. V. A.

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I'm a systems administrator, I can develop and understand code in a number of languages, ranging from Shell scripting and other interpreted languages to Go and Clojure.

I have clear understanding of promise theory the basis of configuration management engines, CFEngine and Puppet, also understanding of other configuration frameworks like Chef or Ansible. I can create if required custom resource types on Puppet using Ruby as provider.

I have understanding of containers technology, from Solaris zones, to Linux OpenVZ, and more modern approaches like Docker, how to build and scale.

I can perform administration of databases like MySQL and in a lesser degree Postgres, Mongo, Redis.

I might be able to configure or create orchestration systems using load balancers and centralized metadata systems.

I have work with cloud providers and I know how to talk to them using API calls to create and manage resources.

I know how to talk to the Zabbix API to create dynamic/autodiscovered monitoring.

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