Nicolás D. B. freelancer experto en Unity 3D, C#, Desarrollo de video juegos, Creatividad y Talento

Nicolás D. B.

Desarrollo creativo de videojuegos y aplicaciones.

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Programación y Tecnología

Sobre mí
"one-man-army", mi set de skills me permite cubrir la mayoría de sus necesidades a la hora de desarrollar el videojuego o app interactiva que está soñando.

Quién soy?

Tengo una mente inquieta, me apasiona el mundo de los gráficos computarizados y los juegos, y amo trabajar en contenido interactivo: Juegos, Apps, Cinematicas, etc.
Siempre estoy buscando alguna forma de ocupar mi mente y expandir mis conocimientos y skills en éstas áreas. Mientras que el trabajo sea excitante, siempre estoy abierto a aprender y trabajar en algo nuevo.

¿Qué hago?
Me veo como un desarrollador de videojuegos y apps generalista. Un programador para la mayoria de los casos, pero también soy capaz de cubrir la mayoría de los roles en la producción de un juego, desde diseño de UI, scripting de componentes, comportamientos, shaders, etc. hasta animaciones, texturizado, cinematicas, lo que se necesite.

Considerame un "ejercito de un hombre", soy capaz de cubrir la mayoria de las necesidades que puedan surgir durante el desarrollo de un videojuego, pero también puedo trabajar como parte de un equipo, y concentrar mis energías en un área específica o en liderar un equipo, mi capacidad de manejar e interpretar las múltiples áreas del desarrollo general me permite esto.

mi herramienta preferida es el motor Unity3D, tengo plena y basta experiencia programando comportamientos, UI, shaders, trabajando con gráficos (Photoshop, herramientas 3D, etc), componentes, y mucho más, recurriendo a asset stores y terceros sólo cuando es necesario o simplifica costos.
Mis fuertes son la POO, la programación orientada a componentes (Arquitectura para la cual está diseñado Unity3D) y exportación a WebGL, Desktop y Android.
Historia laboral
I started with 3D software in 2009, when I was 16. from that moment I got a lot of jobs doing architectural interior and exterior visualizations, some tv/internet commercials and some logos.

Then I moved on into programming, started my studies in a Computer Science degree, and in 2013 I got a job at Geminus-qhom, an Argentinean Software factory company.
Working in the R&D area, doing desktop applications and games, using Unity3D and multiple professional frameworks, libraries and protocols.
In this company I’ve developed mostly desktop and web advertisement games, featuring interaction with the user via Kinect sensors or augmented reality, I’ve also made miniApps, mobile user interfaces for server based services, etc.
But my main work there was the entire development of “Motmi” client, a desktop based application for virtual rehabilitation, which involves technologies like the above mentioned Kinect for body recognition, SignalR, sockets, HTTP, JSON, Red5, some other input devices like LeapMotion and PerceptionNeuron, and custom protocols and API’s for the connections within the MVC server & backend services and the client-sided app. Motmi is, as today, a succesful and awarded rehab system. (link in portfolio section)

As a Computer Science student, I’ve done some interesting works on low level stuff in C, C++, and Python, such as a multi-client reverse proxy servers using sockets, an implementation of the ARP protocol from the network layer in the OSI-TCP/IP model, a simple Unix shell called “Baash”, a little file-system for unix-like OS called “chiquitin”, and I’ve also worked in a Django app called “Truco” in which you can create a user and start playing Truco (a cards game well known in Argentina) online with your friends.

As a Game Developer I’ve been part of the Global Game Jam 2015 creating “Low Battery” a geek survival game, in about 48 hours. (link in portfolio section)
in the Global Game Jam 2016, I’ve formed a team to develop “Elemental Warriors”, a Tower-Defense like game, also, in 48 hours. (link in portfolio section)

during 2016 I got a contract working on a game project for a New Zealand company by the name of ChillX Ltd. This is one of my greatest achievements as a developer, if you still wonder what my skillset is all about, take a look at Defense Task Force, it features a RTS/Tower Defense style using Unity3D engine, procedural generation of maps, terrain, game conditions and units, skill trees, modular units, state of the art graphics and post processing, even the social media content and video trailers/teasers were part of my job. pictures below.

Summary of best strengths and abilities

Expert Unity3D dev. Creativity to solve and workaround any kind of problems that arises on game development, and to design and create multiple gameplay features and concepts. Desktop development, generalist programmer, ease to adapt to various workflows.

Academic Background

I’m currently studying a Licentiate Degree in Computer Science in “Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física” from the University of Córdoba, Argentina, with a GPA of 92.1/100.
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