Camilo N. B.

Co-Founder An Epic Day SPA

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Marketing Digital

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I had my first job at the age of 19 working as a creative at JWT Chile.

I have worked in Accounts, Planning and Creative areas.

My passion is generate value to existing and new brands. I like to research and create innovative ideas and concepts,study current trends, develop and manage strategies for social networks, and create user friendly applications for smartphones and tablets.

For 7 years I have learned to manage, promote and lead account teams. I prefer generating business through seeking out new brands and clientele and maintaining these relationships. I love good ideas and I have learned to recognize them and keep a positive outlook on work, always thinking about the future of Advertising and how a client's brand can best maintain their exposure.

More than 7 years in the advertising industry and experience in different regional agencies (Chile and Perú).

Has worked with:

Coca-Cola, Unilever, Samsung, Pepsi, Marco Enriquez-Ominami, Cerveza Cristal, Partido Renovación Nacional,Gimnasios O2, BBVA Continental, Bembos, Cerveza Franca, Gloria,Movistar Arena, Robinson Crusoe, Parque del Recuerdo, Axe, Rexona.

At present, Owner and Co-founder of, the new way to print pictures in all events.
Historia laboral
* An Epic Day SPA: Encargado de la creación de proyectos y del proceso de producción de máquinas An Epic Day.
Generación de nuevos negocios y potenciales alianzas para la empresa.

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