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you can do something enjoyable on any situation!

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I am a responsible, creative, charismatic, punctual and helpful person, I quickly get used to the work environment and teamwork, I like to innovate, discover and resolve, I try to get what I propose.
I love technology, computers, design and developments.
Historia laboral
* Etelix Group (Telecommunications): Request problem solving to providers (Low ACD, Low ASR, FAS, Long PDD, IVR's, etc.)
Determine competent providers depending on the route or destination.
Maintain quality and statistics of the route of each client (ACD & ASR).
Test quality of routes offered by suppliers.
Load Floor Prices for customers and destinations.
Modify routing according to quality, profits, losses or agreements.
Check discrepancies in prices numbering codes defined by the suppliers.
Working closely with sales department to define routes gains or necessary changes.
Working closely with provisioning department to dedicate ip addresses and ports to customers and suppliers.
Knowledge regarding numbering codes for international calls, prices and costs of suppliers and customers.
Routing wholesale and retail destinations using Captura, program of the German brand Oculeus.
Capturing traces and observation by putty and Wireshark to detect faults in calls between customer and supplier.
Solicitar solución de problemas en las rutas a los proveedores (Low ACD, Low ASR, FAS, Long PDD, IVR, etc.)
Determinar proveedores competentes dependiendo de la ruta o destino.
Mantener la calidad y estadísticas de la ruta de cada cliente (ACD,ASR).
Probar calidad de rutas ofrecidas por proveedores, para futuros usos.
Cargar Floor Prices para clientes y destinos.
Modificar enrutamiento según calidad, ganancias, perdidas o acuerdos.
Verificar discrepancias en precios de códigos de numeración definidos por los proveedores.
Trabajar de la mano con departamento comercial para definir las ganancias de las rutas.
Trabajar de la mano con departamento de aprovisionamiento para dedicar direcciones ip y puertos a clientes y proveedores.
Enrutamiento wholesale y retail a destinos mediante el uso de Captura, programa de la reconocida marca alemana Oculeus.
Captura de trazas y observación mediante putty y Wireshark para detectar fallas en las llamadas entre cliente y proveedor.

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