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Igor V.

Full-Stack Angular.js + .NET Software Engineer

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Quick facts about me:
- FULL-STACK software engineer (Client side and backend development).
- 4+ years of commercial software developing experience.
- Make work fast and you can expect great result.
- Love to travel and meet new cultures as well as visit my friends all over the world.

I can build application from scratch for you starting from Server logic (DB schema, high-loaded infrastructure, security and API) with latest .NET technology stack and up to Visualization (Web pages created on Angular.js, Responsive frameworks and any custom JS)

My skills including(but not excluding):

• Angular.js/Leaflet/d3 DDD/CSS3/JQuery/Bootstrap/etc.,
• GoogleMaps/OSM/d3 data projections.
• .NET backend with ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework(especially code first approach).
• MsSql/MySql/PostreSql/NoSql

Also, I'm Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) in:
- MCPS: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
- MS: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.
- MCTS: Silverlight 4, Development
Historia laboral
Worked as Full-Stack .NET engineer on:

Application Rating Board System:
With over millions apps available it can be tricky for parents to decide which ones are good for their children. By filling out the simple questionnaire in rating board web application developers provide information required to rate their apps. Based on the questionnaire rating board generates rating for video games and apps according to existing mobile software content rating systems. So every parent can make informed choices about appropriate apps for their family.

Leads Management System:
Complex of few web based applications for providing better mathematical analysis and ensuring higher performance of financial agents that work with bank clients. It includes API for working with MARKETO system and documents generation based on system data, and web hook system for starting client rent program without bank interaction.

Materials Management System:
Developed browser based application provides secure and reliable platform for collaborative Just-In-Time (JIT) and Low-Unit-of-Measure (LUM) inventory management and supply chain forecasting.

Farm Management Application:
Web based application that opens the way to a more flexible, efficient and user-friendly organizing of information for farmers. It allows the user to see their fields on the map, create and manage different maps, yield predicting based on agronomic management plans and weather forecasting.

Personal Information Organizer:
Toolset designed to allow users the freedom and flexibility to organize their personal information in a manner that is free from the constraints typically associated with desktop organization. It allows the user to enter any type of file into their Library (document, web page, video, image or email) to store, personalize, organize, share, and re-find objects.

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