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Sobre mí
Mobile Applications :
  - Xamarin ( Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.IOS, Xamarin.Android, C# )
  - Android SDK, ORMLite
  - IOS SDK, CoreData
  - JQuery mobile

  - XCode, Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Android Studio, Eclipse

  - SVN (Tortoisesvn, SmartSVN)
  - GIT (SourceTree)

Project management tool:
  - JIRA
  - Mingle
  - Redmine
  - Trello

  - MySQL, SQLite.

Other Skills:
- Python  (Framework TurboGears)
- Selenium (Test)
- Java SE
- Prototype
- JQuery
- Yii
- C#
Historia laboral
* Argeniss Software (Computer Software): Mobile application development from scratch,  in two projects using Xamarin cross platform, making native implementations, renders, custom views, and custom controls according to the needs.

Project: "Monies" (LeapFactor), cross platform mobile application for remittances management at Leapfactor.

Project: “4-site” (Leap Factor) Cross platform mobile application for trip management. Delivers travelers real-time, actionable intelligence throughout the entire travel experience, providing them with predictive intelligence that converts stress into peace of mind. Provides 24/7 monitoring of your travel agenda and provide an unparalleled level of support to solve disruption.

Technologies: Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, C# .Net, Reactive Extensions framework, AutoMapper, Linq, SimpleInjector, SQLite.Net, Reducto (similar to JavaScript Redux), Custom Controls, Custom Renderers, Behaviors, Converters, Styles, MVVM pattern, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Dependecy Service, Xamarin Component, Xamarin Forms Labs, JIRA, Trello, SourceTree, Mingle.

* Argeniss Software (Computer Software): Project: "SOCSU", Design and development of social media survey application, Facebook and Twitter login implementation, off line and local storage, QR code scanning.

Technologies: Objective C, Android, SQLite, ORMLite, CoreData, SVN, GIT.

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