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José Antonio Cerrada
Industrial Designer

My name is Jose Antonio Cerrada and I’m a bilingual, award winning, industrial designer with over 3 years of worldwide experience. My work experience has taken me from my home country of Venezuela to locations like Germany, France, and recently to the biggest importer/exporter in the world, China! Through these opportunities, I have seen my designs get produced and manufactured in the market.

Like Jonathan Ive, I don’t believe in designing with a prototype to refer to or copying a design I like and changing minor details. I believe in giving end users designs that are original, yet practical, where they are most likely to come back and repurchase other items.

Most designers like to focus on words like “clean, minimalistic, modern, etc.” but to me, as a designer, creativity is limitless and depending on each project (product), the creative process can be born into their true form differently.

To me each project I work on tells a different story and as it’s creator I let it be born organically, the only parameters I set is that the design has to be mechanically functional and practical for the end user.
Historia laboral
Industrial designer
Olly Furniture Manufacturing.
Huanmao third road,
Torch Development Zone, 528437 Zhongshan, China.
Dec. 2014 – Nov. 2016
-Reporting directly to the CEO and Marketing Director, my activities and duties as an Industrial Designer:
-Responsible to deliver new home/office furniture product designs from concept to production.
-Research and develop alongside the clients to determine product specifications and create designs concepts accordingly.
-Create realistic product render and 2D advance drawings for production.
-Modify and adapt products in existence answering the demands of actual customers.
-Interaction and communication with the sales and production Chinese staff.
-Supervise production processes with time management and decision making approach.
-Create and deliver fresh ideas for new production practices (safety, processes, materials)
-Ability to quickly analyze a design and production issues developing effective solutions in site.
-Develop assembly installation manuals and troubleshooting guides.
-Quality check for new prototype development.
-Constant customer relations in order to establish clear communication trough personalize design services.
-Develop of audio-visual material to promote the advantages and skills of the company.
-Organization staff member for promotion and sales events.

Industrial designer (Project developer)
Barinas, Venezuela.
July. 2013 -January, 2014
-Design of a bridge crane for assembly heavy truck parts.
-Develop time schedule chart for project execution.
-Application and use of design processes methods for project development.
-Field work to identify different issues in assembly processes.
-Analyze bad user’s postures during work through observation and interaction with the staff.
-Team work alongside engineers and designers for product development.
-Create step by step videos to communicate product functionality.
-Generate several product design proposals for development.

3D Modeler (Freelancer performance)
i-market GmbH.
Berlin, Germany,
Sept. 2014 - Dec. 2014
-Read and analyze advance 2D technical drawings of various machinery and converted to 3D
-Communicate directly with manager all work progress.
-Generate exploded views and part lists for products.
-Develop assembly production manuals.

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