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Mr. Juan Alberto Padilla Garcia is seeking to add value to the company workforce by providing high quality ideas and solutions to the IT department. Improve my skills and knowledge in software development fomenting the team work and achieving the day by day set goals. Apply the newest technologies and development techniques to perform a high quality work. He has 5 years of experience on testing area, 1 year of expertise on Unix Server Administrator mainly on Solaris OS and 9 months of expertise in development enhancements in ASP .Net and Project Leading.
Historia laboral
* Amdocs[Hildebrando] (Telecommunications): -Participate in different types of testing, such as: Requirement verification, Integration Test, System Test, Regression Test, White Box testing, Back end testing, Performance testing.
- Analyzing the requirements of refactored the old functionalities/features to have a better performance.
- Creation and executions of test cases based on requirements.
- Creating, execution and analyzing stored procedures.
- Creating test case scenarios for the refactoring of the matlab and perl code to Java.
- Using Agile methodology.
- Interact between different platforms/environments(Windows 7, Linux, Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome)
- Creation of automated test cases using selenium.

* Texas Instruments (Hildebrando) (Semiconductors) [desde 7/2012]: -Black box testing.
-Ipad app testing
-IOS MVC Model
-Testing the new functionalities for the new calculators.
-Analyzing and the new requirements for the new functionalities.
-Taking part in the discussions/meetings for the new requirements, providing suggestions for the new product releases.
-Executions of test cases based on requirements.
-Automation tests.
-Raising bugs if any is present.

* IBM Global Services (Information Technology and Services) [desde 5/2011]: -Migrating a legacy system to a web application system Black Box testing.
-Analyse system requirements and verify that code is working as per system requirements.
-Design of test cases according to the functional area of the web application.
-Execution of test cases.
-Daily SCRUMS.
-Raise defects in case the application is not working as per requirements, communicate the same issues to the developers and keep on the loop of the process until the defect is being fixed and test it again.

* Tata Consultancy Services (Information Technology and Services) [desde 5/2010]: -Project Leading Activities (Creation of timesheet, assignments of tasks, Leading a team of 3 people).
-Making Enhancements to the application using ASP . Net and VB.
-Preparing documents of the enhancements that will take effect on the next release for the application.
-Working with offshore, nearshore and onsite teams to coordinate the activities for the next releases.
-Development in ASP .Net, JavaScript, CSS.

* GlobalVantage Design Source (Aviation & Aerospace) [desde 2008]: -Analyze Airbus A320 Aircraft Flying Management System Requirements and
Verify that the code is written as the requirements with the principal objective of
discover errors in the development process.

-Update Test Cases and sometimes Develop Test Cases to verify that the Code is
working correctly, also verify the code coverage, and if it is not a 100% then perform
the documentation needed.

-Communicate with development Team every time a bad requirement
implementation is found, a wrong trace between documents is done or any issue
regarding development process is raised.

-Review the documents Updates developed by Other Software testing engineers in
Bangalore, India and in Guadalajara, Mexico following the Client process review
with the principal objective of discover errors in the Testing process.

-Develop estimation effort documents analyzing Trace holes between requirement
and code, broken links between requirement and code (every time a requirement
is erased), requirements and code updates and coverage issues.

-Create and executo atuomated test cases, verify the coverage.

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