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I have been teaching for four years. I have been teaching ESL in El Salvador. First, I started to teach in a public school called “Reinaldo Borja Porras,” which is a special public school located inside of a public hospital for children who cannot go to a regular public school because they are sick. Then, I worked at “ISRI” as an English teacher assistant. I taught English to kids from four to seven years old and seven to fourteen years old. After this great experience, I got the opportunity to be computer teacher in a bilingual school. In addition, my educational background is supported by the American Embassy in El Salvador. My parents were not able to pay for English courses so that I could learn English, so I looked for a scholarship, and this institution let me be part of its educational programs. I am a third year student at college. My major is English Applied Linguistic; however, I have TESOL and TYL certificates. Moreover, I am part of UGRAD program that let me study at Presbyterian College in an intership. My teaching style is really friendly; I like the constructive methodology and I believe that TPR, as well as smiling, are very important to create a great place to learn! I love to be nice with people and to teach with a big smile to share my happiness. I love God with all my heart and soul; however, I respect other preferences or beliefs. I love dancing, reading, practice yoga, watching movies, traveling. I also like animals and enjoy life as much as I can.  Also, I have worked for one year and a half in a call center as a tech support representative of a TV cable company that is located in the USA.
Historia laboral
•    English teaching assistant  (ISRI)
To teach English to blind and visually impairs students. The students were divided in two groups, kids and adults.
•    English teacher  ( Public school “ Reinaldo Borja Porras)
To teach English in a Public school located inside of BLOOM hospital, which is a hospital for children who live in the hospital because they are sick.

•    Tech support agent ( TELEPERFORMANCE )
To give the best customer service experience and tech support to a cable company from USA.
•    Public speaking  speaker ( IENS)
To be a speaker in a Public speaking club for teenagers who are studying English as a second language.
•    Computer teacher ( Euroamericano 2000 bilingual school)
To teach computer skills in English to kids and teenagers.

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