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I'm a self-taught programmer, started learning 9 years ago with a school teacher and then moved to online courses in and other platforms like Udemy, Edx and Coursera, I've done a number of courses on various languages and development tools. 

I've been working for 3 years now, I've done projects using different languages and frameworks. I work necessities first, solving them is the priority, I really like feedback and talking honestly with my clients so I can understand what they need and how is the best way to solve that need.

I usually use the following tools, libraries, and frameworks during development:

For frontend and design:, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Less, Bootstrap's grid system, angular.Js, Material design guidelines, bootstrap design guidelines.

For backend, I have plenty of experience in Python using Django, Javascript with Node.js and Ruby with Rails

On the server side, I can deal with various configurations, I'm a Linux person, I know how to deal with security to make the server as secure as possible using the correct protocols and technologies. I usually work with the AWS platform or DigitalOcean, Though I know how to deal with others like Heroku, even GoDaddy hosting.

I also know how to deal with both: SQL and NoSQL databases, I've used, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and SQLite 3.

I like to respect good practices when writing code or designing the structure and flow of an application or website, that's why I'm a huge fan of version control systems such as Git.

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