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I have been working as system developer since 1997. I worked with TFM ( do you know this computer language? I don't think so ) and after that I started on Microsoft environments ( Asp3, VB6, SQL2000, COM++, SourceSafe ) and also database oracle. Later on with SQL 2005, VS2005 But now, I am working with the latest Visual Studio, SQL Server, Team System releases. Another funny thing is "take Microsoft certifications" even I failed on ones. :)
Historia laboral
Qualitest Tecnologia Ltda (Computer Software) ////
activities: Software development for network analysis and application-layer development platform. It was designed to provide cellular-operators the versatility to selectively consolidate and standardize quality assurance and optimization processes for maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing cellular networks. Post processing and optimization dashboards for all major access technologies (HSDPA/UMTS,GSM/GPRS/EDGE,CDMA/1x-EvDO,TDMA,iDEN, AMPS). Software development of benchmarking reports for cellular networks with Comardo NQDI equipament. Software development of benchmarking reports for cellular networks with Invex3G equipament. Software development of reports for call classification, drop calls, pollution and missing neighbors. Software development of generic tool for custom reports creation with calculations, statistics, histograms, graphs, maps and outputs in Excel and HTML.

    Digicon SA (Computer Software) // - desde 4/2007//
activities: Software development for sales of ticket for transportation company ( SPTrans ) Software development for writing personal data and monetary data on a card Bug fix

    Techway S/C Ltda (Computer Software) // - desde 1/2006//
activities: Software development for registering problems in the company systems (Ambev) Software development for sales force (Ambev) Software development for generation of contracts for bank ( Unibanco )

    7COMm (Computer Software) // - desde 1998//

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