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I am specialized in Economic Law and Economic Analysis of Law. I have experience in both, private and public sectors. I understand the importance of creating added value through an integral and multidisciplinary insight and recommendations that translate to business impact, notwithstanding the sector and industry.

The combination of the two degrees gives me strong comparative and competitive advantages over most economists and most lawyers, as my understanding of the overlapping and interconnection of them is deeper.  My academic background and my professional experience are well suited for a position with multi-sectoral practice: my awareness from many different sectors and industries, provide me with the knowledge and skill to succeed at almost any firm.

Im interested in diverse topics, such as ICTs applied to data analysis, big data, regulation and regulatory improvement, indicators and indexes, financial markets, and investment banking.
Historia laboral
*Instituto Mexicano del Seguro S ocial: At the Assessment Department for Resorts, Retail Stores, Conference Venues, and Funeral Homes

•    Responsible for Business Intelligence Area. Consolidation, verification and systematization of all the financial and statistical information produced by the business units. Generation of reports and keynotes to summarize each operative unit performance.
•    Responsible for the Strategic Planning Area and Internal Consulting in several topics regarding the business units and other administrative, legal and economic topics.
•    Assessment of the Institute’s social security programs and their impact in the population. In charge of tracing the Performance Indicators’ Matrix reported on a quarterly basis to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.
•    Develop and trace of all kinds of indexes and indicators, including KPIs.
•    Conduct the annual budgeting for retailing stores and resorts. Supervisor of the annual budgeting of funeral homes. Responsible for tracking deviations from the budgeted amounts.
•    Tracing of governmental purchasing procedures, including assessment of material and financial needs, governmental purchasing systems, preparing bidding procedures and final contracts.
•    Special projects: (a) improvement of the Performance Indicators’ Matrix; (b) cost-benefit white papers to justify the investment in the Institute’s Resorts; (c) integrate diagnostics of the Retail Stores; and (d) comprehensive improvement in getting and analyzing financial and statistical information.

* Comisión Federal de Competencia (Administración gubernamental): •    Economic and legal analysis of M&A up to 60 billion dollars, to determine if the resulting entities would achieve market power. Specialized in industrial, financial and other regulated sectors’ transactions.
•    Coordination of the elaboration and emission of the Guidelines for notifying M&A to the COFECE. Conducted the creation of guidelines and internal criteria in diverse antitrust matters, such as Non-Compete Clauses.

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