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Marcia D.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

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Sobre mí
I am a Portuguese native speaker with over 20 years of experience .
I have worked for global companies such as THE DOW CHEMICAL CO., UNION CARBIDE, and PETROBRAS as a Bilingual Assistant / Translator,  translating all kinds of documents.
My language pair is English /Portuguese. [back and forth].
Language mediation is my expertise field and one of my professional interests.
I have no problems working on weekends and/or holidays. I am strongly commited to deadlines.
If you are looking for quality, speed and efficiency, I can be the one.
I am hired as a Translator by the Wikr Group working on the website where I translate an average of 50,000 words per month  from a vast range of technical, medical, chemical, IT, travel guides, fitness & health articles and general subjects.
Historia laboral
Iniciei, em maio/16, trabalho contínuo de tradução para:
1. Genesis Tech [Ukraine] [];
2. Team CultureAlley [India] - aplicativo: Hello English - []

3. Realizei traduções técnicas na área da indústria química para as empresas: Petrocoque, Petrobras, The Dow Chemical Co., Union Carbide e Vale do Rio Doce. Traduções sobre óleo, gás, petróleo, coqueria e carvão, além de traduções de textos de artigos gerais.

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