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Jeffrey B.

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Costa Rica
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I am a web developer with more than 4+ years of experience, who enjoy write code and convert static designs in rich and dynamic web components. I also enjoy convert innovative ideas on tangible products like websites and movile applications. I can complete front-end and back-end taks providing support to Web applications.
I can create new interfaces or refactor existing ones, create reusable code and UI components for reuse throughout the user interfaces.

User Experience
-    Wireframing
-    Prototyping: (HTML5, CSS3, JS)

Web Design:
-    Responsive Design
-    Mobile First Design

Fullstack  Development
-    HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Handlebars js, Jade
-    JavaScript
- Nodejs
- Express
-    WordPress
- Laravel
-    Gulp
- Webpack
-    jQuery
-    Angular 1 and 2
-    Bootstrap
- Mysql
- Mongodb
- Apache Cordova
Historia laboral
* AUREO.US (Programas informáticos): As a fullstack developer on aureo I’ve work very close with designers and others developers, guide them and learning from they.

In the front end area, I’ve been in charge to translate the design to functional Web components and event complete website. Prepare scaffolding, configure tasks managers and consume API’s from our developers or third-party API’s.

In the back-end, I’ve been working with different programming languages and Frameworks, create restful apis, design algorithm and fix bugs. I also work with databases, creating schemas and coding  advanced queries.

* Autónomo: As freelance front end engineer I’ve acquired several skills which allow me understand the picture of web development.
I feel comfortable working on all tasks, from muck ups to connect the front end with the back end.
Design on photoshop.
SEO analytics.

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