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Dear Sir or Madam,

With this letter, I would like to express my interest in working at your school as an English Teacher or assitent.

I would like to apply for the position of an English teacher or assistent at your school to know more about a bilingual environment. I have seen your advertisement on Internet job pages that you are looking for candidates and I believe that I am suitable candidate for the position.

Immediately after I finished all my semesters I have started working at La Presentación school where I was enable to obtain essential skills and knowledge in classroom management, curriculum design, and the uses of TIC´S. I have extensive experience in working with different people from abroad range of places because I lived in the United States for 6 months; where I did a Cultural Exchange through an agency called “Work and Travel”. What is more, I am well equiped with classroom management, cooperative work and excellent communication skills. I am a leadership, I develop a perfect curriculum design and TIC´S in class.

Also, I am willing to work long shifts or staying after regular working hours if necesary, in order to ensure students knowledge in the different areas.

I would like to emphasize that I have worked in several important schools in Zipaquira where I have enhanced English level result at ICFES test. I got verification for all my skills and abilities, for which I posses strong recommendations from several managers at those schools.

My resume that I have attached to this file, shows my skills and experiences in a greater detail. Also, as the position supposes that the candidate should use a positive discipline (formative) with the students. I am dynamic, responsable and tolerant too.

I would like very much like to work in your school. This would give me a chance to be part of this wonderful teamwork. Furthermore, I could improve my English and increasing my confidence in passing the IELTS examinations after I finished my advance English course. Moreover, I am confident that my experiences in USA would be extremely exciting, fun, and valuable for working here and over all general development thank you for considering my request.

I look forward to your positive response.

Your faithfully,

Liliana Patricia Rodríguez Esquinas
Historia laboral

2010 I have studied at Javeriana University

2006 Colombo Americano.

2007 Moreover, I was living at the United States in order to improve my English (speaking and listening skills).

2015 Advance English Course (IELTS TEST)

2015 Challenges to Educators´ Professional Growth (Centro Colombo Americano, Bogotá- Colombia) Colombo Symposium.


2007 June 11th to September 4th


Address: 1410 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Wisconsin Dells, WI53965, USA.

Position: Shallow guard

I was working in this park in summer, so I used to be a life guard who had to pay attention to the water making skinning and skimming the pool surface.

2007 September 5th to October 11th


Address: 11125 Century Dr Street Taylor Michigan, USA

Position: Quality control operator

In this place, I have to choose the best nuts because they will be used at Ford Company to assemble the cars.

2009 March 7th to November 20th


Address: Cra 10a # 7-35 Neighborhood

Position: English Teacher

In this institution, I taught English and French class to little kids and teenagers. I had the chance to strengthen my teaching skills.

2010 February 11th to June 6th


Address: 68 avenue # 65-89

Position: English teacher assistant

In this school, I worked as a teacher assitant in order to develop my skills and practice the knowledge that I have acquired in my major (Modern languages). So here I had the opportunity to be close to students with different

and significant learning situations. It was a pleasure to work there.

2010 March 8th to November 30th

Colegio de la Presentación

Address: Carrera 9 No. 9 -41

Position: English Teacher

In this school, I was working as an English teacher with second, fourth and sixth graders, I have been part of the PII Project at school which had to help us to improve the English level at school.

2010 February 8th to November 30th

American System Company

Position: French Teacher

Address: Street 4 #14-51 Neighborhood: San Pablo

In this institute, I was working as a French teacher. Here I have practiced my skills with the second foreign language which I had learned at the university. Moreover, I had to develop my own curriculum in order to teach the students.

2010 May 1st to September 11th

Forum (Icfes test) Mobile: 3102141630

Address: Simijacá-Ubaté

Position: English teacher

This program was designed in order to help the high school students in the ICFES test which is essential to access the University level. This program is developed in different towns around Cundinamarca and our chief was Daniel Forero.

2011 February 1st

Gimnasio Campestre Santa Sofia

Address: Kilometro 2 Vía Nemocón- El Atardecer (farm)

Position: English teacher

In this institution I worked as a homeroom and English teacher with eight graders. The main goal was to enhance their second language skills.

2011 November 26th to December 17th

Foundation San Martin University

Address: Cll 7ª No 10- 47 and Cra 10ª No 7ª 14 Tel: (091)8513215

Position: English teacher

In this institution, I was working as an English teacher. The main goal was to develop grammar and pronunciation skills by using a specific technology program.

2012 -2016 February 1st to November 30th

San Alberto Magno School

Address: Carrera 9 # 3-34/36

Tel: 852 2381 Fax: 852 0798

Position English Teacher

In this institution I was working as an English teacher with ninth, tenth and eleventh graders. It was a pleasure to contribute in order to obtain the first place in the ICFES Exam in Zipaquira and be the 2nd school in Cundinamarca thanks to the high scores in this test.

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