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Mau B.

Android & iOS native Developer

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Programación y Tecnología

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--- Advanced ANDROID Knowledge
IDE’s: Android Studio, Eclipse (deprecated), NetBeans(deprecated)
Android Components: Intents, Activities, Services, Threads
Compat Libraries: Fragments, FragmentManagers, ActionBar, Material Design
Advance UI creation ( XML, Programmatic and CustomViews )
Multimedia (Images, Audio, Camera, Video, VideoStreaming)
Sensors (Movement, position, envirmental and proximity )
Storage (Persistent, Preferences, SQLite)
Responsive Design (Tablets and Smartphones)
Geolocation (Location,route generation and trace, design and interaction in GoogleMaps)
WebServices consumption (Post, AsyncTask, HTTPRequests)
Crash Resporting (Analytics for Android)
Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) (Authentication and FastSharing)
Online payments (Paypal)
PushNotifications (Firebase, Azure)
Computer vision: OpenCV4Android
3rd party SDK integration
OWASP standard security
Intermmidiate iOS Knowledge
IDE’s: XCode
Objective C
Views management (XIB, Storyboard and programmatic)
Delegation, Notification & Datasources (Delegates and subclassing)
WebServices consumption (ConnectionDelegates, JSONParsing)
3rd party SDK integration
Crash Reporting (Analytics for iOS)
PushNotifications (Firebase, Azure)
Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter)
Geolocation (MKMapView, CLLocation)

Google API’s (Intermediate and advanced)
Google Cloud API: App Engine [Android] (Mobile backend, Intermedio), End Points (Intermediate)
Google Maps API:Google Maps Android API (advanced), Google Maps SDK for iOS (intermediate)
Google SocialNetWorking API: Google Plus API for Android (intermediate)
Other Google API’s: Analytics (advanced)
Technical Knowledge
WebApp programming languages : PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSP.
Application Programming languages : C, C++, Objective C, Java, Visual Basic, MatLab
Mid & Low level programming language: Ensamblador, MicroC
Document standarization and composition language: LATEX
Syntactic and lexical analysis tools: Flex and Bison
Scripting: Bash.
UI for desktop programming : Qt/C++
DataBase: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite (móviles)
3D modeling software: MAYA, Blender, SketchUp
Computer vision :OpenCV Libraries y OpenCV4Android para móviles
Augmented reality SDK’s: METAIO, Vuforia
Modeling language: UML
OS : Linux (usuario intermedio)
Robotics and Mecatronics: Servos
Electronics: Electronic circuits and electronic emulation software
Historia laboral
Propulsar ( Agosto 2016 - CURRENT )
Mobile Developer (Native Android & iOS) & IT Consultant
Published apps: YoNayarit

PagaTodo ( August 2015 - July 2016 )
NATIVE Android & iOS Developer
Parallel Android & iOS Development; Direct participation in Starbucks México , WowRewards , Capital Social

Banco Santander (Incoraxis) (June 2014 - August 2015)
Desarrollador Android
Android mobile development specialized in CRM, OWASP standard security implementation, Agile development and constant visual-structural changes. Specialized in modular UI components.

Sferea (April 2014 - June 2014)
Android Developer

Mockup Studio (July 2013 – April 2014)
Android & AugmentedReality Developer
Augmented reality & Android development (Metaio SDK)
Project Manager ( 6 people in charge), AR and 3D Modeling development proposed and accomplished

Spinar (May 2013 – July 2013) Augmented Reality & Android Developer

SweetDreams (February 2013 – May 2013) Augmented Reality & Android Developer

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