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Professional mathematician with interests involved with analysis through quantitative methods applied in different scopes in which exploratory and predictive data analysis is needed. Interests in areas related to Data Analysis, Machine/Deep Learning, Big Data, BI, Financial Modelling, Research & Innovation. In general, all the necessary methods used to create, adjust and program mathematical-statistical models that support and help at the time of making decisions. Deep knowledge (academic and experience) of data analysis, machine/deep Learning, big data, programming, statistics, finance, economics, among others. Personal, academic and working experience in tools handling such as: R, Python, Scala, JAVA, MATLAB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, EXCEL, SQL, Hadoop, Spark (Distributed File Systems), Tensorflow (ML framework), TABLEAU, PENTAHO (BI tools), Shiny, Flask (web apps), among others. Clear priorities and goals. A person with leadership qualities aimed to achieve results and willing to receive guidance.
Historia laboral
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscar-pe%C3%B1a-723476a1/
Position: Functional Leader Analytics - Senior Functional Consultant
Field: Analytics
Description: Technical consultant on Big Data Analytics for Datacrédito Experian.
december 2016 – october 2017

Position: Business Analytics Lead
Field: Analytics
Description: Responsible for designing and developing analytics projects.
august 2015 – june 2016

Position: Models Analyst
Field: Research, Financial Modelling
Description: Development, adjustment and programming in forecast and valuation models of investment funds and assets managed by the company. In general, due to the great need from different departments and its strong link to the area I was in charge of, it was my duty to be involved with adjacent projects from areas such as IT (development, forecasting and information management, among others), Operations (Support and assistance in processes, among others), financial management (cash flow forecast, profit analysis, analysis and development of budget models, among others).
november 2013 – february 2015

Position: External Quantitative professional Consultant
Field: Research, Financial Modelling, Consulting
Description: In charge of the implementation project of Black-Litterman Asset Allocation Model. Assistance in development, assembling and programming in methodologies for the efficient portfolios construction. Training in the usage of the above methodologies for the area teams from trading desk and economics research.
april 2012 – february 2013

QUANTIL S.A.S. Matemáticas Aplicadas
Position: Asistente de investigación
Field: Research, Financial Modelling, Consulting
Description: Development, adjustment and programming in mathematical-statistical models applied in finance and economics (asset pricing, investment portfolios profit analysis, econometrics forecast, among others).
august 2012 - december 2012

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