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In last two years I worked as SOA/Cloud architect at Linx S/A, a great brazilian supplier of ERP´s retail market, and now I´m working at a data science team on Dafiti, a great e-commerce player in fashion market. I have 13 years of experience working on IT area, 8 years specifically as developer, and during this period I accumulate strong skills in design and programming, using several techonologies, and also was exposed to critical-mission and high-concurrent scenarios.

I also worked with open source technologies, like Python, Scala, R, MongoDB, CouchDB and Redis(NoSQL databases), in an e-commerce environment, working directly on e-commerce platform and its recommendation system. This experience sparked my interest on data science/big data.

I use some modeling techniques like Random Forests, SVM, Generalized Linear Models, Linear Regressions, etc., on specific demands on Dafiti and in some competitions on Kaggle. Also I'm trying Apache Spark to process many marketing attribution models, so we can benchmark all of then and choose the best one.
Historia laboral
* Dafiti: * Projeto/implementação de modelos de atribuição de marketing. Recursos: Scala, Spark, AWS S3
* Mapeamento, melhoria e automatização de processos de marketing digital. Recursos: Python, Linux, AWS, Oracle
* Análise de dados e criação de relatórios; cruzamento de informações de diversas plataformas/bases de dados, a fim de criar visibilidade, fundamentar hipóteses de business relacionadas a marketing digital, buscando melhorar a performance de campanhas bem como a tomada de decisões. Recursos tecnológicos: Paradigma Map/Reduce, Python, R, Oracle
* Criação de engine de feeds c/ informações relacionadas ao catálogo de produtos. Recursos: AWS, Python, MongoDB, Redis, gevent, grequests.

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