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I am on my third year of Modern Languages in the University of Margarita, I'm 21 years old. I am a native Spanish speaker and I write and speak English fluently. I'm passionate of reading  and learn another languages, a perfectionist and a  music lover.

I'm  Venezuela  I live in Nueva Esparta an island in , which means it's more easy to practice the languages because it's full of tourists from all around the world. I got my high school degree in Humanities, and I'm a native Spanish Speaker. I'm C1 in English. I've been studying English for 5 years, talking, and listening and writting.  I'm currently studying in the "Alliance Française"  an organization with the goal to teach french as a second language.

I read a lot differents topics in English everyday such as health,technology,fashion that help me get a large vocubulary over the years. I'm a hard worker, and when it comes to languages I do it  with so much effort and  passion enough to make the translations  look as  natural as possible.

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