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Graphic Design, Illustration

Creado: 29 Mayo, 2014

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Branding & Advertising Agency.

We create great and powerful brands that connect with your clients
Creativity beyond expectations.

- Experience
- Guarantee
- Unique
- Simplicity
- Functionality

We specialize on Branding, Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration & Commercial Photography.

- Logotype Design
- Business Cards
- Corporate Identity
- Brochures
- Marketing Materials
- All kinds of Print Design
- Sales Materials
- Anual Reports
- Illustration / Icons
- Photo Retouching
- Commercial Photography
Historia laboral
Quintas Papagayo
Facelift Brand hotel, which conceptualizes the abstraction of the Parrot bird to origami model by its connotations of being something light and friendly, supporting with a typography that conveys the elegance and tradition of the place.

Brand creation for brewery which is formed by the outline of a fermentation tank, which doubled to form the letter W (initial of the name of the company)

Brand creation of a winery that present in their morph the initials of this, forming a symbol that represents a glass of wine being filled (the V is the part of the glass container and the S symbolizes the wine stream falling into the glass).

JASSO Cinema+Foto
Brand creation for Photo Studio which conceptualizes a diaphragm camera formed by the letter J (initial of the name studio) and the abstraction of a flower, to represent the beauty and aesthetics of the work.

Brand creation for IT services, the logo consists on an abstract way of a human brain and a network of interconnected circuits that represent how the ideas inside the mind connect.

Foto Daniels
Facelift Brand which is taken as the basis of design a curve alluding to layers that are formed with different focus controls of lens.

Brand creation for electronic, industrial, marine systems and communications company. The logo is formed by several icons like: fish, makes reference to the sea, antenna, represents communications, radar and the boat, which are other elements related to the activity of the company.

Burgers & Ribs
Brand creation that represents a friendly environment alluding to places for hang with friends, adding a ribbon that is associated with recognition and quality.

Jardines Residencial
Brand creation for a residential, where the logo represented the nature through their colors, giving an appearance of kindness and exclusivity.

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