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Raul M. Banner para sitio web 3 years ago +

"This designer is the quality of person that you want to work with.  Do not hesitate in hiring him."

About me
Soy Jose Baena, Colombo-Alemán, amante del diseño general y apasionado por Jesus. Soy un cristiano que trata de unir mi pasión con mi vocación.  Creación desde Logos hasta muebles.
my webpages design with Adobe Muse

my webpages design with Adobe Muse

Graphic Design, Web Design

Created: Jul 07, 2016 | Items: 6

My Logos

My Logos

Branding, Graphic Design, I...

Created: Jul 07, 2016 | Items: 41



Branding, Fashion, Graphic ...

Created: Jul 07, 2016 | Items: 66

Other Designs

Other Designs

Graphic Design

Created: Jul 07, 2016 | Items: 10

Work history
*Diseñador Independiente bajo la marca propia de JB Designer

* WOW Creative Design Bogota (Design)

* Hauppauge Computer Works (Computer Hardware) [desde 2002]
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