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About me
- I have been working in the translation industry since I got my bachelor's degrees in Modern Languages and Education in 2015.
- (2015- 2016) I translated several articles and 2 books for Centro Budista de Mérida in Venezuela. These texts were special because some parts were written in Old English, and they had a high philosophical and psychological content. To be able to translate as faithfully as possible I had to immerse myself into the Buddhist world. I mean, I did not only had to read about the Buddhist philosophy but also had I to take meditation classes and live a Buddhist life as part of the documentation for the translations. It was a great experience!
- (2017) I worked in a translation company named Traducciones TEP, S.A. I had the opportunity to translate general interest texts and some specialized ones such as legal, medical, technical and educative texts.
- I have a linguistic-discursive competence to understand the source text in English and write the final text without interference in Spanish, my mother tongue.
- I have a strategic competence to solve terminological, set phrases and operative problems in the process of translation.
I consider that I am skillful to translate general interest texts, psychological texts, philosophical texts, medical texts, and technical texts.
- Hobbies and interests: Fashion and beauty blogging, sports and conditioning training, cooking, history, cinema, Buddhism, literature, nature and animals.
Work history
(2010) Foreign Language Education  course (ULA)
(2012-2014)Tutor at the Department of Basic cognitive Processes and Psychology of Education at ULA
(2013) Participation in the Model of United Nations ANDESMUN (ULA)
(2014-2015) English teacher at Elementary School “Teresa de la parra”
(2015) English Teacher at High School “Prof. José Ricardo Guillen Suárez ”
(2016) English teacher at High School  “El Salado Alto”
(2015- 2016) Translator at Centro Budista de Merida, Venezuela.
(2017) Translator at Traducciones TEP, S.A.
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