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Sobre mí
I'm Caroline, I'm a 32 years old  writer, bookbinding teacher and meditation teacher. I have studied literature, philosophy and social sciences (sociology, ethnology, gender studies). I am French, I have been leaving in Argentina for five years and speak fluent Spanish. I can speak advanced English as well.
I chose to dedicate my profesional life to what is truly meaningful to me, such as writing, meditation and yoga, bookbinding. I love reading and writing and I am deeply fond of words and languages. I have performed some translation work in the past, mainly from Spanish to French. I can translate from Spanish to French, from English to French, from French to Spanish and from Spanish to English. I also can write articles, above all creative writing, but also more technical articles, especially if they belong to my areas of study (which quite large, as you can see).
Historia laboral
2006-2013 : Some temporary jobs while I was studying, among which : supermarket (France) and kiosk (Argentina) cashier, organizing, cleansing ;  grape harvest ; hotel cleansing
2010-2011 : Secretary of the Political Sciences department in the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris
2011-2012 : Some translations from Spanish to French as I was studying ethnology in México
2012-2013 : Kiosk job (see above)
2012 to now : novel writing
2013 to now : bookbinding and bookbinding teaching
2015 to now : meditation and meditation teachning

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