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I'm a software engineer, living in Caracas, Venezuela. Developing is my passion, and I love to work in different and creative projects. My experience is mostly in front end development, but I can handle myself in back end operations too.

I have 6+ experience in development, and I have worked with all the lastest technologies, but I'm also open to learn new ones.
Historia laboral
* Smarter Solutions,C.A (Information Technology and Services)

* Cinet Solutions CA (Computer Software) [from 1/2013]:
• Responsible of the coordination of the presentation layer development staff. Supervision, support in problem resolution.
• Part of the team in charge of the design of the data model and the software architecture of GCP.
• Responsible of interviewing and selecting new members of the staff.
• Software architect of the presentation layer of the TRIAD framework.
• Coordinated, supervised, and implemented the Emergency Patient Admissions, Payer Responsible modules.
• Worked side by side with the project manager, and the data layer manager to plan and implement the Immediate Medical Attention module, and managed to end the development cycle in record time. To achieve this goal, the presentation layer work had to be divided between the 5 developers I was in charge of, and I managed the integration of their work.
• Head of developers of the TRIAD’s Presentation Layer developing its core and several UI components.
• Responsible of the design and development of the Schedule, Appointments, and Resource Appointments modules.

* Motionloft (Information Technology and Services) [from 6/2012]:
• Helped in the development of the main chart, used to show the traffic density in a time range.
• Implemented the base of the Javascript class which draws the chart, using the library d3.js
• Responsible of assuring the application compatibility with Internet Explorer.

* Lycaros Light 2010 C.A. (Information Technology and Services) [from 8/2011]:
• Responsible of gathering the information of an app for the Blackberry Playbook tablet, which offers a
calculator with formulas useful for airplane pilots during their flights.
• Designed and developed two prototypes, which helped me close the contract.
• Developed the final version of the application, getting the approval of the client.

* Cero Rollos (Consumer Goods) [from 12/2010]:
• Responsible of hiring a web designer to help design the application
• Worked side by side with the client, the designer, and other developer to design the sales portal.
• Developed and tested the Presentation Layer of the sales portal.
• Offered support of the application.

* Cinet Solutions CA (Computer Software) [from 10/2010]:
• Managed, co-designed and co-developed the first and second version of the Virtual Terminal (VT) for Cenpos LLC established in Miami, USA. The VT is an Adobe Flex/Air and Java Point of Sale (POS) application that processes debit and credit cards against the company’s backend via Web Services. It integrates with multiple POS equipment (Magnetic Stripe Readers, signature capture, PIN Pads, etc.) connected through the JavaPOS standard interacting with a wide range of devices.
• Managed, designed, and developed the Dashboard VT for Cenpos, used by the client to analyse the different transactions processed by the VT.
• Internships supervisor. Supported, coordinated, trained and supervised ten interns hired by the company.
• Training coordinator of the presentation layer. Responsible for planning and delivering the training program of Flex 3 to the new staff.
• Developed the version 2.0 of the presentation layer of the TRIAD Framework, this new version included a Transaction based communication with the server and new visual components broadening the capacities of the Framework.
• Helped to redesign and optimize the core of the presentation layer of the TRIAD Framework improving its architecture, introducing a better memory handling, an increased overall performance and stability.
• Developed the Warehouse Inventory Module, for GCP.
• Designed, coordinated and developed the Patient Registration and Service Registration modules of GCP
• Defined the best practices and standards for the Flex development, essential for the maintenance of the applications.

* Cinet Solutions CA (Computer Software) [from 1/2009]:
• Helped develop a simple demo application for the GCP System. With this application Cinet managed to close various accounts receiving enough funding to develop the GCP System.
• Developed the application portal, core to the main product of the company (GCP). Every view of GCP is managed by the application portal (Application Manager)
• Contributed to conceptualize and designed the foundations of the TRIAD Development Framework, including the presentation layer (Adobe Flex), the business layer (Java) and Data Layer.
• Developed four TRIAD UI components.
• Responsible of the design and implementation of GenWap, as a part of my degree thesis. GenWap is the application that handles the design and configuration of every user interface developed in TRIAD. Eventually, every user interface of GCP was designed in GenWap.
• Internship coordinator. Support, coordination, and supervision of eight interns hired by the company.

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