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Mi nombre es Ana Lilia Navarro y soy de México, tengo una licenciatura en Ingeniería de Manufactura y ahora estoy estudiando mi Maestría en Ingeniería e Innovación, soy bilingüe, inglés-español desde hace más de 20 años.

Mi experiencia es en la industria automotriz, metalmecánica, aeroespacial, organizaciones sin fines de lucro, consultoría y asesoramiento. Mis áreas de interés son Calidad, Lean Manufacturing, Core Tools, ISO 9001, AS 9000, TS 16949, Gestión de proyectos, Mejora continua y Diseño mecánico.

También tengo una certificación en Entreprenurship, tengo trabajo por más de 8 años (como profesional independiente) en Diseño de Proyectos y Desarrollo de Startups, también QMS y documentación de Calidad dentro de cualquier mención estándar a continuación.

Estoy emocionado de trabajar contigo y tener relaciones de colaboración a largo plazo. ¡Gracias por leer mi perfil!
Historia laboral
-2016 to Actual : PROJECT SPECIALIST (QUALITY SURVEILLANCE): Improvement of supplier quality, supply chain management and technical support services. Verification of the product purchased at the supplier's premises to validate conformity with all customer requirements and in accordance with Standard AS9102, NADCAP, etc. Audits and surveys, evaluation of systems, processes and / or products of suppliers with respect to standards, specifications, contractual requirements and regulations supported by objective evidence. Supplier Development, from a single vendor anomaly to a major supply chain initiative, as well as evaluating and improving quality, production, and business processes to ensure the delivered product is delivered on time. Supply Chain Management, strategic coordination of traditional business functions and the tactics of these business functions - both within a company and within companies within the supply chain. Product design support, inspection tools and tests.

-2012-2016: PROJECT MANAGER ( Metal Mechanics and QA): Support the implementation of the client program and an overview of technical supervision of performance. Specialists in projects and solution of problems of suppliers and management of corrective actions. Focal to support and respond to customer complaints, including on-site investigations. Conduct interviews with the candidates and the technical examination of the potential specialist of the project. Experience in conducting first item inspections (FAI) according to. Experience in inspection in a manufacturing / composite manufacturing environment, inspection of subassemblies and major sections of the fuselage. Experience in inspection / source manufacture for fasteners and sealants. Perform inspections in accordance with the applicable section of the FAA regulations. Practical experience in performing in-process and final inspections on machined parts, assemblies and / or sub-assemblies.

-2010-2012:  CEO ( E-WASTE RECYCLING): Plan the general and specific objectives of the company in the short and long term. Organize the current and future company structure. Manage the company, make decisions, monitor and be a leader within it. Control planned activities by comparing them with what has been done and detecting deviations or differences. Coordinate sales. Meetings, increase the number and quality of customers, make purchases of materials, resolve on repairs or defects in the company. Decide on hiring, selecting, training and locating the appropriate staff for each position. Design of waste separation and dismantling processes for the recovery of recyclable materials from plastic materials, fibers and electrical and electronic equipment, as well as machinery. Purchase of machinery needed for recycling processes.

-2008-2010: REGIONAL MANAGER / QA ASSURANCE :Management of efficient tools to plan the control, monitoring and management of an objective and timely daily evolution of each of its collaborators to take to achieve the most effective results of tactical decisions periodic analysis. Identify the gaps, management mistakes or weaknesses of each provider and strengthen them by empowering the skills with knowledge and experience to reach their corresponding strengthening. Manual of the Supplier of Quality Assurance and Design of Procedures. Implementation of the ISO 9000 process. Develop the entire Quality Management System (including Quality Manuals, procedures and forms to comply with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.) Audits of the 2 stages Responsible for managing the Key Characteristics through the CPS methodologies Inspection of Expedition and State, Quality Control Standard Surveillance. Supplier Development Process SQE.

-2007-2008: LEAD MECHANICAL DESIGNER (AEROSPACE- AEROENERGY): Design of metallic components suitable for power generation turbines. Plans to redesign to reduce costs in appropriate areas of turbines to generate energy. Assistance to requests from departments, customer service, environment and customer service. Development of special projects in the GE Energy area. Analysis and schedule of cost reduction and redesign of Energy applications. Responsible for the review of mechanical design projects and the designation of each engineering project. Develop long-term projects and long-term optimization from two weeks to five days of configuration of Six Sigma technologies. Adaptation of the T100 turbine for the generation of wind energy. Reduction of costs of mechanical components and development of substations recyclable materials 20% and 80% virgin and change from metal to plastic alloys. Verify the product to minimize risk, for critical, complex or expensive products for the customer.

-2005-2007: APPLICATIONS ENGINEER PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (METAL MECHANICS): Design of metallic and plastic components. Design of new clients. Redesign of components for cost reduction. Design of new components for cost reduction. Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings and purchase orders (POs). Experience using various mechanical inspection tools, such as micrometers and calibrators. Experience in conducting first-party inspections (FAI) according to customer quality standard and knowledge of applicable industry standards (TS19649, ISO 9000 and FDA Class 1). First Article Inspection, Mechanical Destruction Testing and Test Design. Verify the product in the supplier's installation to validate compliance with all customer requirements. Verify the product to minimize risk, for critical, complex or expensive products for the customer. Experience in inspection / source manufacture for fasteners and sealants. The extension of the AMANA contract for another 20 years for cost reduction and standardization of the components of the product must indicate that AMANA has 80% of the production of Accuride. Nissan contract with the cost reduction of Arm Rest (this project was assigned as the engineer responsible did not meet the profile). Development time by the customer of two years, the project was delivered three months before the deadline stipulated by the customer and the contract was achieved. Complete series standardization of 501 chillers, cost reduction by 60%. Family of products of more than 120 different products. Component of lubrication system development "spring" to self-closed under refrigerators. Development lubrication system for grills of mabe "spring" and sliding stoves to comply with FDA Class 1.

-2003-2005: R&D QUALITY TESTING ENGINEER (AUTOMOTIVE): Validation of manufacturing processes, building review, PPAP, AQP, PFMEAs, HerramientaFODA. Coordinator Project Implementation 5S Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen Blizt. Responsible for the project "Establishment of Research and supervisor development and management of R & D. Quote and buy testing equipment, development of training plans, calibration and testing methods. To condition and design Laboratory destructive mechanical testing ISO / IEC 17045. prototype Development Department. Achieving ISO / IEC 17045 certification and obtaining resources for the laboratory in conjunction and collaboration with CONACYT.

-2001-2003:ENGINEERING INTERSHIP ( AUTOMOTIVE & ELECTRONIC): Optimization of information, production data, statistical graphs, executive management of software (office), updating information, representing managers, personnel management level tracking database, development of quality control parameters. Quality manual creation in the Back End department and quality tools.

Development and application of visual aids, 5s, kanban, kaizen. Preparation of visual aids, production data, support engineers, statistical development and updating of information. Management of personal monitoring. Lean Manufacturing Project Molding area for the organization of visual aids and injection molding processes. Creation of the assembly function of supervisors and technicians.

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